How To Get Rid Of Fungal Infections?

Get Rid Of Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are widespread worldwide and are the most difficult to treat. It is also called as Mycoses. When the fungus invades the body, and the immune system couldn’t kill or inhibit its growth, it develops an infection.

A fungus is an organism that can reside in soil, water, or air. Some of the fungi occur naturally in the human body. Like many other microorganisms, the fungus can be both harmful and useful. The harmful fungi, when to develop an infection, are tough to treat as the environment is very much suitable for them to grow. Even after treatment, the chances of re-infection are very high.

The most common symptom of a fungal infection is severe itching. It is more common in people who have a weakened immune system.

Before we move on to the treatment options, let’s have a quick look at how to prevent it in the first place.

Practicing proper hygiene and maintaining healthy personal habits is not only essential to prevent fungal infection, but it keeps you protected from all other diseases. Do not share your stuff with anyone else. Keep your body well hydrated and avoid clothes and shoes that aren’t breathable as moisture promotes fungal growth.

Plain yogurt is very effective in treating fungal infections as it has active cultures of lactobacilli that reduce the growth of fungi. Yogurt is rich in probiotics; it will be absorbed by your GI tract and will strengthen your immune system.

Many studies show that coconut oil has been effective in killing species of yeast. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that act as fungicidal when applied to the skin. It destroys the infection on the affected area of the skin.

Skin fungal infections, especially the one that affects your nails, is very tricky as the area under the nail bed is hard to reach. Garlic works best for these types of infections as it has antibiotic as well as antifungal properties.

Apple cider vinegar is very rich in anti-microbial and is a popular treatment for almost any kind of fungal infection. It can be used in both ways, either you can drink it in diluted form or can apply it topically.

You might have heard that Cranberry juice is the best remedy for Urinary tract infections? But guess what, it works amazingly in yeast infections and reduces the growth of fungi. It has a substance that prevents the fungi from sticking to mucous membranes. It also balances the urine pH level, thus preventing the growth of microorganisms.

Researches show that aloe Vera contains around six aseptic agents that provide antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial activities. The cooling properties of aloe Vera gel allow soothing your skin and reduce itching. Applying the gel on the patches of ringworm infection can help you in healing.

Turmeric has been proven to have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It has a constituent called curcumin that is responsible for its anti-microbial action. It can either be applied directly or can be added to the meals. Direct application is more effective when it comes to fungal infection.

Neem has been considered to be the ultimate antifungal and natural detoxifier in India for hundreds of years. Its extract is capable of removing significant pathogens and dermophytes from your skin. Always boil it for a few minutes as it can irritate your skin if used directly.

There are several over the counter medicines available for the treatment of fungal infections. But if it doesn’t resolve within 2-3 weeks, a stronger therapy may be required. 

Fungal skin infections are common. Although these infections aren’t usually dangerous, they can cause discomfort and irritation due to itchy or scaly red skin. If not treated, the rash may spread or become more irritated, so, in time, treatment is the key.

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