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Music Effect On Brain

Can Music Have An Effect On Your Brain?

The setting of a scene can totally be transcended only if you pick the right music. In movies, we often see an...
Proxima Centauri b

Can ‘Proxima Centauri b’ Be Inhabited?

Proxima b is a planet discovered outside our solar system in 2016. Proxima Centauri is a small, cool red-dwarf star located just...
food poisoning

What is food poisoning?

Whether it was the mouth-watering street food you had last night or the leftovers that you munched on a few hours back,...
Microbes Cause Alzheimer's Disease

Can Microbes Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

One of the most exciting things about the 21st t century is that our time has some of the biggest discoveries yet...
Stay Alive Without Sleeping

Can You Stay Alive Without Sleeping?

Sleep is so wonderful, but if you think about, it’s quite a waste of our time. You’re just laying with your eyes...
Importance of Calcium

Importance of Calcium

Do you know that is the importance of Calcium in the human body?   Let’s tell you..  Calcium...
Mental Health Disorders

Can Mental Health Disorders Kill Us Earlier Than Expected?

Disorders affecting mental health have plagued humankind for centuries, but it is only now that there is some awareness around it. Research...

Can Memory Loss And Dementia Be Prevented?

Better safe than sorry; this phrase has special importance in the world of medicine. There are many diseases that can be prevented...
Bermuda Triangle

Has The Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy Finally Come To An End?

How many times have you heard about the Bermuda Triangle in your life? Multiple times for sure! So many disappearances in the...
Benign Tumors

What Are Benign Tumors?

Many people confuse benign tumors as cancerous tumors. But in actual, Benign tumor is not harmful as a malignant tumor, it is...
Fatty Liver

What is fatty liver?

The build-up of fat inside the liver is called fatty liver, in other terms, hepatic steatosis. Usually, it occurs in alcohol consumers,...
Calories Brain Burn By Thinking

How Many Calories Can The Brain Burn By Thinking?

Burning calories for weight loss has been all the rage for a very long time now. Of course, to burn calories you...
Types of gastritis

Different types of gastritis

Gastritis is a condition where the person suffers from inflammation along with abdominal pain. Gastritis is characterized by nausea, bloating, vomiting along...
Preventing Alzheimer’s

Can sleep play a part in preventing Alzheimer’s?

Who doesn’t love good night’s sleep? Getting comfy with a bunch of pillows and a soft blanket is all you need after...
Nutrition Deficiencies that cause Depression

Top Ten Nutrition Deficiencies that cause Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the world. Symptoms include despair, lethargy and a general loss of interest...
How long can you Survive without food?

How Long Can You Survive Without Food?

Surviving without food is impossible. Food is a necessity for all of us to survive a better and healthy life. The body...

What Is Mal-absorption?

When you eat a healthy meal, you expect your body to reap the benefits of the vitamins and minerals!
Average age Rate

Why is our average age rate declining?

There is no doubt that our average age rate is dropping every year and in the coming years, it will drop to...