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How To React To Bullies At Workplace?

Do you think you are working with the bully? Do you regularly feel intimidated and fear to work...
How to gain Weight

How To Gain Weight In A Healthy Way?

Many people are facing the opposite of the world's most pressing problem, obesity, and that is being too skinny or underweight. It...
How To Treat PCO's

How To Treat PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome afflicts one in ten women of childbearing age. Healthy options aren't just common sense when you have PCOS!

CORONAVIRUS MAY NEVER GO AWAY says World Health Organization

WHO has warned the world in the recent report where they state that people should learn to live with this disease now...

Vitamin D playing an effective role in the mortality rates of...

The latest study indicates that people who suffer from severe deficiency of vitamin D levels are twice as likely to undergo severe...
How To Prevent Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss?

Who is not afraid of hair loss? At one point, we all start to worry about losing a lot...

CHINA in a restless situation due to second outbreak of CORONAVIRUS

According to the Chinese authorities, an untraceable coronavirus outbreak is seen to emerge within the Chinese city, i.e. close to the Russian...

How To Lift Weights Correctly?

You don't have to be a bodybuilder or a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of bodybuilding. When done right, weight training...
How to get rid of acne

How To Treat Acne?

Are you constantly canceling plans due to unseemly breakouts? Do you suffer from acne symptoms in your life despite...

How To Stay Focused During Studies?

Learning is hard. If you are an experienced student with a Ph.D. or discovering how to focus on high school education, studying...

How To Recover From Brain Stroke?

If you or someone you love has had a stroke, many difficulties may develop as a result. Basically, these effects are physical,...

WHO claims that re-infected corona virus patients who test positive are...

According to WHO, patients who are tested positive after they recover from the infection are still in their recovery phase due to...
Keep Your Teeth Healthy

How Do You Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

It's not enough to brush your teeth and floss your teeth to keep your teeth healthy. You may have been told to clean your teeth twice and use dental floss at least once a day since you got old to hold a toothbrush. But what about tongue care, diet, and the use of fluoride?

How To Fall Asleep In Minutes?

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four … zzz. If it was that simple, right? Well, it may be the case if...
How To Deal With Migraines?

How To Deal With Migraines?

Migraines cause real pain like injury-related pain - with one difference: healthy habits and simple non-medical treatments sometimes stop the migraine before...
How To Get Rid Of Lice?

How To Get Rid Of Lice?

Lice are tiny insects the size of a sesame seed that lives in the hair and on the scalp. They feed on human blood and die quickly if they fall from the body. But what are the most practical ways to get rid of lice?
How To Choose A Career?

How To Choose A Career?

There are so many options out there. How can you choose a career path that matches your skills and interests?

Report claims that COVID-19 may last for two more years

According to the recent report which was published on Thursday, experts claim that the coronavirus pandemic will last for around two years....