Do you even know what sadness is



Do you really want to know it’s meaning?

do you really want to know how it’s victim feels?

So worthless that oneself want to end it’s his own life himself!!! The reason which push him to the extreme decision of taking his own life is his PAST!!! Yeah! Past is the time where anyone can think of joyous moments while going down the memory lane… But what if someone can think of a never-ending list of problems, trouble and pain as a collection of past memories… Would it be his fault??? If he given up on life? Is this his fault?

Oh well! The answer is no, it’s not his fault. It’s the society’s fault where we live in, and then some of us end up taking our own lives. I’m trying to narrate how a person feels who go through all this..! “Everything is going to fine” Now I hate this sentence the most. “How everything is going to be fine when nothing is going right???”, she whispered in her mind. How could I tell anyone about my feelings and those dreadful dreams which leave me terrified? And about those feelings of being a let down!!! Why I can’t do anything in my life? Well so called society made her think this!! She screamed as loud as she could but ironically nobody heard her or may be just unheard her voice and acted numb.

Can’t they see the pain in her eyes?? Can they see her dying and replacing her hopes with despair??? Oh dear! Yes they can’t because they don’t possess the soul which could feel the pain, those eyes which could see the pain in her eyes. That depression left her void. People usually have good and bad days but for her it’s more like good few hours and bad years. It’s like a cold season which just forgot to leave her. When she look through the rainbow and couldn’t find any colours that feel! When being with number of people but still feeling left out those feels… Yeah those feels made her scream when she repeated this to herself and the very moment her shiny eyes couldn’t hold those tears anymore and that spark in her eyes just died…! She cried as a toddler who has lost his favourite toy.

But they assumed it’s all just an act. Ah! Those people, they need to think again, nobody really wants to end his life,unless they’ve been hit by something really hard, unless they lost the lost who meant the world to them or they might have cried a ocean but still not able to build up a bridge over their lose. But those who have not a single clue about the victim still chose to critise. This criticisms won’t make them feel any better rather it pushes them to take their life. You won’t be able to forgive yourself when you get to know somebody ended their life because you critise them on not doing anything. So before spilling out words about someone just think twice or may be thrice even because you don’t have any idea from what they’re going through and how you comments will impact their struggle of coping with that depression..!

Author-Baneeha zainab



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