26 Stunning quotes about life that will make your day



  1. The beauty that never aged with time is of soul. Be beautiful from soul.
  2. Live life that please you. People around are just an audience.
  3. True colors of life are not always good and happy times. Sometimes beauty is hidden in broken era.
  4. Success is like baking a cake. Unless you put in the appropriate amount of ingredients, you cannot have a yummy delight.
  5. Words are the expression of thoughts.
  6. Love is not always being physical. Sometimes words are more powerful than short lived gestures.
  7. Dignity of words/ speech is more important than dignity of man/body.
  8. Thoughts that triggers your mind are always the ones that worth living for….
  9. The imaginary world of thinkers is far way different from the perspective of world’s thinking.
  10. What a trasureous thing it is to believe that a person is more than a person.
  11. Life is about to meet exceptional people and making delible memories. The trick is to notice before it’s too late.
  12. That’s the problem! People who looked at me, always find me what they wanted to see.
  13. Life is like a sea with wild combination of high and low tides. Being on seashore you cannot predict the depth of sea. Swim like a fish, free from the fact that will you get another moment of life or might become a prey of someone in anyway.


  1. Flying above the ground without wings is a rare fact. Cut them off your life who tag your wings and entertain only those who think you have a better vision in comparison to the fact how you will achieve it.
  2. You trust everyone that’s your way of seeing well in everyone. So don’t blame yourself for being exceptional in this pluralist world.
  3. That’s my life, my way, my thoughts, my secrets and my decisions. You cannot block my way of thinking but the door is always open for you to leave peacefully.
  4. Strong is a word that itself without a pillar…..
  5. Love is not always what you feel, sometimes it’s something how you make others feel good about what they did not aware of.
  6. Smile ! When pretending to be happy is the only choice you have.
  7. Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want!
  8. Struggle will kick out your troubles. So Smile and fight for your rights!
  9. Real love is always chaotic. So don’t dare for it or face it without armor.
  10. Sometimes silence gives you more explained answers of your unasked questions.
  11. Life is a game of probability till death! Enjoy it.
  12. Dreams become reality when you stop thinking for it and start working!
  13. Chemistry of life alters the physics and ultimately results in a dramatic change in body biology 😉


Written by : BSSB

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