Skin care and natural acne medication

Skin care and natural acne medication
Skin care and natural acne medication


Skin is an important part of your overall appearance. A good healthy skin is really hard to maintain owing to the growing pollution and extreme weather conditions. Your skin loses its natural moisture and elasticity over time that makes it look flabby and aged. ACNE and unwanted PIMPLES also make it hard for your skin to get that radiant glow you wish for. These frequent breakouts on face can contribute to a scary period for your facial appearance consisting endless scars and crusting.

These acne breakouts are not only limited to face and neck but tend to extend on your shoulder tips, trailing across your back and often on the chest. Acne on male chests can be rather unpleasant as they are irritated even more due to the presence of chest hair.


Acne rosacea is a serious skin problem in young adults as well as middle-aged population. Though it is not something that can be avoided as newer researches have shown a genetic counterpart in its occurrence, but we can surely say that if not avoided it is something that can be taken care of. Results have shown that with proper skin care routine and use of health friendly products, acne can be reduced and its occurrence can be nipped in the bud.


Though a variety of creams and ointments are available in markets, if you seek a dermatologist choice, he will immediately want to tackle your skin problem through loads of medication. Seeing a good dermatologist for your skin condition does half the work for you as the doctor knows how to treat this medical condition at its best.

However, the doctor will treat your pimples and recurrent acne through drugs that can impose some mild-to moderate side effects as well as require a heavy amount and can be downright expensive. Why not try some authentic acne home remedies or natural acne fighting agents before consulting your dermatologist?


Natural acne free products are a delight of today’s world. You will find good knowledge on the internet. Other than that it is common knowledge that some herbs and kitchen ingredients work wonders for this type of skin problem


Below are some natural home remedies that will prove to be long lasting and will help you to get rid of acne. You do not need to have a botanical garden if that is what comes in your mind with natural remedies. All ingredients and substances are 100% cheap and available almost everywhere.

  • USE OF ALOE VERA GEL: Want to have that radiance-enhancing and glow-boosting look but seem unfortunate enough to have your desire completed due to constant breakouts that dull your complexion? Do not worry. Sit back and feel relaxed while carefully following your day and night aloe vera gel moisturizing trick that can help you get rid of your worst condition.
  • AVOID OILY FOODS: If you think the wrong diet does that for you, you should totally throw away the ingredients that trigger your acne production. Avoid junk food and liquor. Smoking should be prohibited as well.
  • HORMONAL TENDENCY: Acne has a strong hormonal factor. Keep track on your hormones and sexual cycles to get to the roots of your acne.



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