How much water should I drink

How much water should I drink
How much water should I drink

How much water should I drink

It is a well known fact that approximately two-thirds of human beings constitutes of water. And also, that we can roughly survive sixty days without food but no more than three days without water! Therefore, water is a constituent of life as it is the base for all chemical reactions that take place in the body and body cells. It is the by-product of chemical breakdown reactions that further become ingredients to synthesis reactions, by producing energy for them. Water lubricates joints, maintains temperatures and helps remove toxic wastes. It is the nutrient in our body which if in perfect balance results in a smooth functioning body otherwise leads to an ailment of one form or the other.

Once the grounds are set of the importance of water, the question arises is how much intake is just right? A question that has many myths circulating which lack good scientific evidences to support it. We need to keep our bodies properly hydrated for it to flourish but that does not mean that you have to look for the water dispenser every 10 minutes or so! But you also, have to avoid being dehydrated as it may lead to impaired performance at any level.

The “8 by 8” water mantra is an average individual should drink about 8 times a day of 8oz glasses of water. However, since its origin, there have been no specific scientific evidence that can support this although it is widely followed.

Also, the “put in what came out” mantra, that is to drink a lot of water during and after extraneous activity because you lose a lot while sweating! However, after the study of runners participating in 2002 Boston Marathon, estimated that almost 2,000 of the runners had some degree of hyponatremia. A case when you reach extremely low levels of sodium and potassium ions in your body and more diluted chemical composition! This led to dangerous health hazards for the runners who felt day long fatigue and some even passed out! Therefore, it is inadvisable to drink in excess,

Too little of water intake may lead to osmotic dehydration, where the individual has changing electrolyte levels in the body resulting in compromised performance and slow responses. Keeping in mind all these facts, the amount is not yet confirmed but recent studies have agreed on a standard that 3 glasses (1L) of water for a sedentary individual per day, increase to 4-5 glasses (1.5-2.5L) per day for a moderately active individual to about 6-8 glasses (3.5-4.5L) per day for someone who exerts a lot throughout the day!

Conclusively, you should generally drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated keeping in mind the weather conditions, to also fulfill the fluid intake through healthy food and fruits and should have one glass at least with each meal you take and especially one extra if you are on a mission to lose weight and burn the fat! But don’t fret over the missing glass or count the empty ones!



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