7 Reasons Why Raw Turmeric Is Better Than Powder

Turmeric powder

7 Reasons Why Raw Turmeric Is Better Than Powder

A lot of people ask me if it is good to take turmeric in powder form or raw. To be honest I am always in favor of using natural items in their raw form. It is great to use turmeric in its raw form if it is easily available and is not much of a hassle to get it. Lets discuss about the 7 Reasons Why Raw Turmeric Is Better Than Powder .

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Unique benefits of Unique ingredients :

Powder turmeric can never have those benefits of the raw one. For example one of the constituents is turmeric oil, which is lost when you process it. There are many other ingredients which are all lost when turmeric is processed. All of them have a role to play that’s what make it turmeric.

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Curcumin is lost : The key constituent of turmeric is Curcumin and it is lost (to a certian extent) when turmeric is processed. That’s the truth. There are different processes to produce powder turmeric. Therefore you might notice that the quantity of powdered and raw turmeric is not very much different. The reason is that percentage of Curcumin is higher in raw turmeric.

Control of Quality : It’s a fact that whenever you process something you add different chemicals in it. Things like additives, colors and fillers are added to turmeric when it is being processed. If we avoid processing we are avoiding adulteration.

Economical : Go out to the stores and see the difference. Raw turmeric is always cheaper than the processed powdered one. You can enjoy more benefits of turmeric at a lower and cheaper price.

Great Aroma : Powdered turmeric have lower aroma as compared to the raw turmeric. This is because of the oil present in raw turmeric. It can add amazing taste to your food.

Grow & Consume : You can grow turmeric at your home in your backyard. Once you grow a batch of turmeric you can use the bulb again to grow more. You can also control the quality of turmeric as well as quantity.

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How To Use Raw Turmeric?

Alright, lets talk about how can you use it in raw form.
Its not much different from the powdered form of tumeric. You can use it to :
Make a golden paste and use it. Grate it and use it to make golden milk. Add to your curries. You can add it to smoothies. You will love to use it in Turmeric pickles. It can be added to salads to.. and so on…  To be honest, there are endless ways to use turmeric and are just limited by your imagination.

How Much Raw Turmeric To Take ?

Keep in mind that excess of everything is bad. If you want to include it in your diet regularly then we suggest 6-7grams of turmeric in raw form is good .The grated form should be around 1.5 tsp. Although there is no harm even if you take about 2 tsp. Remember, The standard precautions apply. you must not take turmeric 2 weeks before planned surgeries. Never take too much turmeric during pregnancy and if you are in any sorf of confusion contact your doctor before taking turmeric.

Conclusion : Sometimes consumption of raw turmeric is harder and we find it easier to consume powdered turmeric but remember that the gift from mother nature is “Raw turmeric” which proved to have much more benefits. What do you think ?


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