4 Signs To Tell If Your Friend Is Going Through Anxiety Disorder

Ways to tell your friend had Anxiety Disorder

Friends are the source of our happiness and comfort. They give us the care and love which we don’t get from anyone else. Being a friend is also a responsibility towards each other to be there in every hardship and sorrow. If you have a friend who seems different or weird than usual, but you can’t recognize what actually happens to him. This might signify that they are going through an issue or anxiety that they are not willing to share. Stress or anxiety has many links to the disturbed mental health of a person. It can turn into depression if not looked upon. Many people ignore the early signs of anxiety disorder. They are at the risk of a lot of issues due to it. Here are four signs that you should definitely look out for in your friend and help them!

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1.Loss of memory 

Anxiety has many concerning factors for people, even at a very young age; it can cause people to lose memory. Have you ever seen your friend not recalling something that happens only a week ago? Although memory loss is a sign of many other mental and physical issues, it is also worsening anxiety. This mostly happens due to the immense pressure and worry these people take, making them lose their memory a little. Memory is a huge part of human existence, without which a person can become disconnected from the whole world. Suppose your friend is going through this disorder. In that case, you should definitely help them get over this by connecting them to a therapist. 

2.Trouble sleeping 

A large part of our mental health is connected with our eating, drinking, and sleeping patterns. Sleeping specifically is a sign of inner peace, and they can sleep without any tension on their minds. On the other hand, anxious people have a lot going on their minds, making them restless. This restlessness does not let asleep or staying asleep. This is why you might have seen a friend of yours staying the whole night and sleeping for 2-3 hours only. However, sleeplessness is not only a part of anxiety; it can be connected to several other issues like insomnia, depression, or other medical problems. Suppose your friend has a habit of not sleeping than required for a normal human being. In that case, it is your responsibility to help them consult a therapist.

3. Panic attacks 

Panic attacks are one of the worst signs of having a severe anxiety disorder. People on the verge of their anxiety get panic attacks in situations in which they are not comfortable. Panic attacks produce an intense, overwhelming sensation of feelings of fear that can be pretty hard to handle. In a panic attack, a person gets fast heartbeats, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, chest nausea, and a fear of dying. Anxiety also links people who do not want to lose control, so anything that goes against that can trigger a panic attack. 

4.Avoids social situations 

Social anxiety is a real disorder that can be triggered by many people who do not feel comfortable with people. If your friend has recently been caught with anxiety, you might see those canceling plans more than usual. These people develop feelings of fear and humiliation in front of other people, making them isolated to their homes. Anxious people also fear the judgment of other people, which makes them become disconnected from the world. People indeed have a nature of judging others without knowing their circumstances, but we cannot stop them. The best we can do is accept our flaws so that no one can use them against us. On the other hand, anxious people have a controllable nature, which makes it hard to accept their flaws. Still, they can be helped if they met the right doctor or therapist at the right time. 

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