Humans Could Live Up To 150 Years With Anti Ageing Breakthrough

anti ageing

Anti ageing is an absurd concept. Seriously, you cannot consider living on forever. However, living a long happy life, longer and happier than usual is a totally different story. What is there in this world that you can’t do by gaining just a few extra days of your person-hood. It seems surreal but plausible. I don’t think there is anything on this universe that science has not discovered for the betterment of humanity if you are alert enough to notice.

There are a dozen groups in the era of anti-aging that include gene therapy, stem cells therapy, tissue engineering, thermal aging, young blood replacement etcetera. So far, the most prominent and reliable ones are ‘the telomerase’ and ‘senescent’.

anti ageing

Human chromosomes have telomerase at their end that shorten with running time. However, the aforementioned treatment helps to lengthen them and increase your age span but in humans occur the high possibility of catching cancer. Chronic stress is easy prey to such diseases.

The more stress you are under, the earlier the disease will take you. This experiment has already been tested on rats and proved successful by increasing their age to a whole forty percent.

Mitosis is an involuntary action that takes place inside the body also usually known as cell division. The cells divide them- selves and when they stop doing so the species ends. There are some self-dividing cells that drive aging are called as senescent. However, this is also under-process. But the removal of these cells can stop aging.

Harvard Professor David Sinclair claims that it is possible that humans live up to 150 years by re-growing their organs and the reprogramming of their cells. It can help people to regenerate organs and people suffering from paralysis to move again. The lifespan could be increased by taking a vitamin B derivative pill. It leads to a reduction in age-related hair loss.

Anti Ageing

Dr. Sinclair also claims that the pill will be available to the public in the next five years and cost the same as a cup of coffee daily does. Richard Faragher, professor of biogerontology, once told an audience that the single largest risk to your health is the number of birthdays you have had.

He claims that Rapamycin is the key to anti ageing or else live a little or longer. It is a by-product of bacteria and has proven to elongate lifespans of mice and fruit flies. It also improves aging in humans and dogs.

Experts are however yet unsure about the side-effects and long-term effects of its usage for anti ageing. It can also be done through a process called splicing. Regarding this, the professor says that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in aging research. And that is pretty remarkable.


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