3 Habits That May Cause Depression

Habits That May Cause Depression

Have you recently been noticing some changes in your lifestyle which make you depressed? Do you experience fluctuations in your mood every day? Depression is a severe mental disorder that is more than just sadness. A lot of people, especially Asians, have a taboo feeling about depression. They do not consider it a psychological issue that has to be consulted with a doctor as soon as possible. People misinterpret the meaning of depression as ordinary rough days or sad days of their life. It takes them to a precarious point with time. Depression is caused by several factors in the daily life of human beings. It equally affects children, women, men, and older people. The three main habits that intensify your chances of getting depression are:


One of the most predominant causes of depression is for those people who are couch potatoes. These people are so done with their lives that they only use short-termed distractions to pass there every day. It is said that the excess of anything is the cause of everything. So when you spend your whole day watching TV, eating, and chilling your time, it is actually going to move you downwards in life. A person who has an active lifestyle, who has work and family life balance will feel more control of the consequences of his life rather than the procrastinating one. This is why every doctor would recommend you incorporate an active lifestyle that will motivate you and drive away from the negative thoughts from your mind.

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People who don’t feel comfortable in social gatherings or hesitate in meeting and greeting people are more prone to getting depression. These people have created a bubble of their own world in their minds. It does not allow them to move outside of their comfort zone. Having a moderate relationship with friends, family, and colleagues is essential towards having a healthy and maintained lifestyle. For example, if your friend from school times calls you and asks you out for a meetup with all your previous classmates. You will instantly make an excuse to avoid interaction with different people because you like to remain isolated in your space. Such behavior will move you away from the practical world and move you towards having dark thoughts, which makes you think negatively about yourself.

3.      A POOR DIET

Even if you don’t believe it, science has proven this point about the directly proportional relationship of our mental health with our physical health. People who do not have a healthy diet routine, or eat junk or unhealthy food daily, will have higher chances of having depression. Our mind is connected with our physical health, so whenever we indulge in refined, processed, or sugary food, our chances of having depression increase. These food items provide us with short-term cravings that pleases us at that moment, but they affect our mental and physical health with time. People who take a balanced diet in their everyday life are more likely to maintain their mental health.

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