4 Symptoms Of Having Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A Deficiency

Have you been facing various symptoms in your whole body but can’t seem to decipher the reason? One of the major defects of vitamin deficiency is that not many people can recognize which one it might be. Many of them are not even aware of what vitamins are and how dangerous their symptoms can be! You must know many people in your family who would never take a test to check their body’s deficiencies. People are so hesitant about a disease that they think running from it may save them, but that’s not so true in the long term. If you have a major deficiency in your body from a vitamin or other nutrients, the symptoms might set you back in life and give you a tough time. Vitamin A is a very essential nutrient for the growth and health of your overall body. There are multiple sources through which you can get vitamin A. For being a healthy adult, you need 700-900 micrograms of vitamin in your diet every day. Some fantastic sources of vitamin A are fish, dairy products, eggs, and meats. Here are four disturbing symptoms of having vitamin A deficiency. 

1.  Night blindness

Several studies have reported that an insufficient amount of vitamin A in the human body can lead to night blindness. In a survey to find out the extent to which the deficiency of vitamin A is true, women with low levels of vitamin A were tested. In this test, women were given vitamin A in food or supplements over six weeks. Women’s strength to adapt to darkness increased by 50% in those weeks. Eye health is essential as it makes a person be dependent and do things with their own sight. If you’ve low levels of vitamin A, you should be treated ASAP. 

2.  Infertility 

You might have heard about infertility before – which is the inability to conceive a baby after intercourse. However, this might be surprising that infertility has a very interlinked relationship with the amount of vitamin A available in your body. People who have an insufficient number of vitamin A are on the verge of being infertile for life. Both men and women are equally subjected to this issue. Vitamin A deficiency can also lead to miscarriages in women. A study done on women who had recurrent miscarriages was dominantly found to have lower levels of vitamin A in their bodies. Miscarriages and infertility are the major obstacles that couples face when married, leading to severe emotional and physical issues. If you encounter any of these issues, the right is to get yourself checked for any deficiencies. Do not end up making any assumptions about anyone and ruin your emotional bond. 

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3.  Rashes on the skin

One of the major issues of having vitamin A deficiency is an impact on the skin! Your skin is one of the most critical parts of your body as it gives birth to freshness and happiness to us. Suppose you found yourself getting more rashes than you had without any specific reason or situation. In that case, it might be a prominent symptom of having vitamin A insufficiency. Vitamin A is a mandatory nutrient for the growth of your skin tissues that helps to have a healthier skin type. Doctors recommend getting yourself checked every six months to know which deficiencies you have or not, even if you don’t feel any severe symptoms. 

4. Dandruff in hairs 

Dandruff might be the most embarrassing thing in the hair that one has to face! No one likes to have flaky white pieces on their shoulder, especially when you’re somewhere important. Dandruff mainly happens due to dryness in hair that causes the hair to produce tiny white pieces that spread across your head. Dandruff is very agitating and hard to get out from. People never think of getting dandruff as a source of deficiency. They often end up ignoring it by using artificial products on their hair. When you face severe dandruff without any specific reason, the best thing to do is to first get yourself tested. Even if you do not have dandruff due to vitamin A deficiency, you would still be sure of what to do or not to do. 

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