4 Main Causes Of Ischemic Heart Disease

Causes Of Ischemic Heart Disease

Are you experiencing chest pains every now and then? Do you have a higher blood pressure than you used to have before? Ischemic heart disease is a severe and fatal heart problem that can cost you your life if not treated correctly. It is a kind of a disease in which people mostly complain about having severe chest pains. This happens due to the shortage of blood supply to the heart because of the arteries getting stiffer. The stiffness of the arteries does not let the blood flow at the correct rate to the heart, which causes problems. There are many occurrences as to why ischemic heart disease is getting so ordinary day by day. It is becoming a leading cause of death among people in the US, for which people should be concerned and take some actions. To guide you better on the grounds of ischemic or coronary heart disease, we have extracted four leading causes for ischemic heart disease. 

1.High cholesterol 

High cholesterol is a disease that is quite close to heart disease. Having elevated cholesterol not only puts you in danger of having heart disease but a lot more fatal and dangerous conditions. If your cholesterol levels are too high, the walls of the arteries will see an intense buildup causing them to clog. This will make your arteries get narrower, and your heart will be provided with lesser blood and oxygen to function on its own. It can lead to fatal diseases like a heart attack or a stroke. To be on the safe side, you need to have low cholesterol levels, which means controlling eating and drinking habits. 

2.Drug abuse 

Drug or alcohol abuse can potentially cause heart disease like ischemic heart disease. Substance or drug abuse is a severe addiction that overwhelms the body with toxicity inside the organs, causing them to become weaker day by day. The ingestion of harmful particles in the body may be associated with the deterioration in the heart’s health. Drug abuse can cause poor diet, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise that further transfers to real issues for cardiovascular health. If you’re new to drug addiction, you should try to stop it right now before you get too involved. However, suppose you’re someone with extreme addiction and an obsession with drugs for a long time. In that case, you should get professional help or go to a rehabilitation center. 

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3.Kidney disease 

Having a heart issue is probably never associated with a kidney. Still, it is far more relatable than you can wonder. It is researched that 1 in 3 people are at risk of getting chronic kidney disease. The chronic inflammation and oxidative stress involved in kidney disease can contribute to an ischemic heart issue. If you are a kidney patient, you need to be regular in your checkup for good heart health. If you’re compromising your heart health thinking it does not belong with a kidney issue, then you’re highly mistaken. The kidney is a vital organ, and so is your heart; without both the organs functioning at the normal range, you are at risk of death


Have you been getting lazier and slower with time? Do you feel constant pain in the chest with shortness of breath? Ischemic heart disease can cause fatigue to several people due to being overwhelming in the body. Although fatigue might not directly relate to heart disease, it can be one of the possible causes. Fatigue is a prevalent and disabling symptom associated with acute and chronic conditions. Coronary or ischemic heart disease might also cause you to become dizzy, lazier, feel a lack of interest in the activity. All these factors contribute to a more significant issue of fatal heart disease. Suppose you think you have any of these causes in your daily lives. In that case, you should definitely get your checkup done along with different tests recommended by the doctor. 

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