4 Symptoms Of Lacking Vitamin B12 In Your Body

Symptoms Of Lacking Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the most essential nutrients needed for the regular functioning of your body. The deficiency of this nutrient can cause many issues that can affect your mental and physical health. Unfortunately, your body cannot produce this vitamin on its own, so you need to take it from your diet. One of the most critical functions of vitamin B12 is to generate red blood cells in the human body. Many symptoms of this vitamin can cause a wide variety of issues to the body due to an insufficient amount of oxygen being generated. Have you ever wondered why you’re becoming so sad lately? Why does your brain not let you feel like ordinary people? The reason might be the insufficient levels of vitamin b12 in your body. The human body needs to consume about 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 every day. It is mainly found in animal-based foods, so people who don’t like to eat meat are at a much higher risk of vitamin b12 deficiency. Here are four critical symptoms of having vitamin B12 deficiency, which can affect you a lot. 

1.  Weakness and fatigue 

The number one reason why vitamin B12 is so vital for the human body is the red blood cells it makes, which makes their body stay fit and healthy. If you’re lately struggling with keeping yourself up for any kind of work or feel sluggish and unproductive. These signs may indicate that you’re experiencing a vitamin b12 deficiency in your body. When a person’s body has the required oxygen levels, which can be provided to each organ through red blood cells, they are less likely to feel ill or tired. Feeling weak or tired is such a drastic feeling, especially when too much is going around in your life!

2.  Breathlessness

Breathlessness is the worst feeling ever as it makes a person suffocate and feel like they might be losing their life. People with anemia are at a much higher risk of becoming breathless or lacking vitamin b12 in their bodies. However, there are many causes of breathlessness which might be a possibility of being obese or having high blood pressure. This is also good news that this deficiency is entirely treatable and can make you get back to your normal breathes with the intake of vitamin b12 supplements. The next time you feel breathless, try to consult a doctor to determine if it’s really vitamin B12 deficiency or some other cause. 

3.  Problems thinking or reasoning. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency has a vast impact on your nerve health. The nervous system is responsible for all the actual decision-making and processing of information in our life. Suppose you find it hard to think about things or reason minor petty issues. In that case, it might be a big sign of having Vitamin B12 deficiency. Doctors refer to this problem caused by vitamin b12 as cognitive impairment, which addresses difficulty thinking, reasoning, or ultimately memory loss. The leading cause is the insufficient amount of oxygen the brain is receiving which gives rise to unexpected disorders. It is mandatory to have the required vitamin b12 supplements if your body is suffering to this extent. 

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4.  Sensations of needles and pins

One of the most uncomfortable signs of vitamin B12 deficiency is feeling the sensations of needles and pins in your hands and feet. This happens due to nerve damage because of the shortage of this critical vitamin. It might occur over time as Vitamin b12 is associated with your metabolic pathways that produce a fatty substance called myelin. Myelin surrounds the nerves as a form of protecting and insulting them. Without vitamin b12, myelin is made very differently, and your nervous system won’t function normally. This is the reason why you develop paresthesia disorder, which is the feeling sensation of pins and needles in your hands and feet. With that being said, research has also found other diseases which can make you get this symptom. It is highly recommended to get yourself checked by a doctor to know if your body lacks any vitamins. A disturbance in the nervous system is a long-term issue that may increase even more with time. 

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