What is a Panic Attack Disorder?


A panic attack disorder is a disorder that involves sudden surges of fear, often overwhelming surges. Essentially, a panic attack disorder disrupts your life and causes you to completely revamp the way in which you go about your daily work, home life, and social life.

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A panic disorder is a relatively common condition, however. Generally without warning that the symptoms arrive and cause the sufferer to feel nervous, fearful, and frightened without reason. These episodes can last minutes, sometimes even hours, and can be very disabling to most people as they basically can suspend a person like a”deer in the headlights”. Being paralyzed by fear is a very real notion to people that suffer with panic attacks on a regular basis.

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The reason behind a panic attack is not usually obvious, but it’s something that’s generally”normal” as part of a normal stressful modern life. The development of a panic attack disorder is generally associated with a lack of proper coping skills more than it’s a brain function or a biological illness as the idea behind panic is a poor management of stressful situations.

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Mental health professionals often prescribe an assortment of kinds of therapy. These include color therapy and hypnosis but in general result in a discussion of the fears or anxiety triggers to comprise a suitable coping plan that will alleviate the effects of the stressors. However, in some of the more significant cases various medications may also be prescribed to aide in the balancing of brain chemicals that the stress and the poor responses to it might have unbalanced.


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Panic attacks usually come with a set of symptoms that include: vibration, trembling, heart palpitations, sweating, chest pains, shortness of breath, choking or feeling like you could be nausea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, cramping, tingling, numbness, chills, hot flashes, as well as”out of body” experiences or feelings related to that experience.

There are other symptoms as well, but lots of these are dependent on the individual panic attack sufferer.
Once more, the difference between a panic attack and a panic attack disorder is the frequency and the general gravity of the anxiety and the symptoms. Many of those with an attack disorder seek counselling and are prescribed drugs as well to fight the effects of the indicators. As anyone with a panic disorder will tell you, anxiety can be very crippling and without professional medical help can result in significant issues.

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