How To Grow Hair?

Grow Hair

Long hair has always been considered a symbol of beauty and has never gone out of style. Long hair has a special kind of attraction that catches almost every eye. It becomes the wish of every other girl or woman to have long, beautiful hair as not all of us blessed with long, shiny hair. However, with continuous care and efforts, it is possible to grow hair. People who think growing hair is not possible after a certain age and time are misguided. Here are a few ways that can be helpful if appropriately followed.

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One way to keep your hair growing is to trim your hair. It does not only increase the length but makes it healthy too. Hair trimming must be done on every 10th to 12th week to avoid split ends. Take your hair up to 8th inches and cut it for new healthier, and better ones. Hair with split ends is more prone to damage and breakage. It stops to grow after a specific time if left uncut than with trimming. Split ends grow with the length of hair breaking it and increases the fizziness. When your hair no longer has damaged hair, it ultimately changes to smooth and volume full hair.

We all love to experiment with our hair with different styles that require heat, ironing, various chemicals, and dyes. All these products eat up the natural proteins that make your hair grow and keep it shiny. Haircuts, colored hair, coarse texture of hair increases the chance of split ends, and natural protein damage. It may look chic for a particular time, but all these play a key factor in resisting your hair growth. However, we can only resist ourselves up to certain limits only and get it done anyways. Now what? Proper hair care is required to cover up with the loss. As the hair becomes deficient with main proteins and essential vitamins, it is essential to consider regaining it through natural oils, massage, and care. Natural oils like lavender oil, coconut oil, almond, jojoba, and castor have all resulted in activating the hair follicles that promote hair growth. These oils have biotin, vitamin A, C, D or E, and other hair supporting components. So, considering massage with any of these oils twice a week or four times a month will bring positive change and help you get long, healthier hair look.

Everyone is aware of the fact that we are what we eat! It is crucial to get the diet corrected and eat the right food. For hair growth, the essential nutrients include biotin, vitamin B, C; all these supports hair health.

Some natural ingredients which are present in raw herbs and foods fulfill the basic requirements of our hair. They are used in different forms, can be eaten directly or applied as a form of paste on hair before taking a shower. For example, onion water, when applied on the scalp, boosts blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

Hair health and growth also depend on how we are taking care of it, which is hair washing routine, shampoo, conditioning, and proper drying. The hair is preferred to wash with mild shampoos that do not contain any harsh soaps in it. It will lead to dry, rough hair. It should be done 2 or 3 times per week. However, skipping conditioning is the worst thing one can do. Conditioning your tips can turn out to be the best friend for hair health. Do not wash hair with hot water instead, with cold water. Remember to brush your hair every night before sleep; this will increase blood circulation and promote relaxation and growth.

Hair makeup the personality, long here add up a different kind of styling to it. Take care of your hair health!

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