Health Benefits Of Almonds


Lets talk about some Health Benefits Of Almonds. The unsalted and tasty almonds are not only known for its good flavor, but also for its nutritional facts. Talk about taste and flavor because almonds have both of them. This snack is like full of minerals, making it the healthiest among the tree nut family. A handful of almonds on daily can provide you a great deal of nutrition that will help in staying healthy all day long.

Regardless of the fact that this popular tree nut has high fats in it, they are extremely healthy. Here are some amazing health benefits of almonds that will surely make you eat a handful of this tree nut on a daily basis.

  • Almonds are rich in providing antioxidants:

Almonds are known as an incredible source of antioxidants that are very much essential for human body. The oxidative stress in a human can cause some serious damage to the molecules in the cells, plays a major role in making the aging process faster than usual, and along with that it can also harmful diseases like cancer. Use of almonds can help you in fighting the oxidative stress. The brown layer of almonds contains antioxidants in a massive amount in it.

  • Controls the amount of blood sugar:

Almonds are known for having a low amount of carbs in it, but are essential as it has healthy fats, fiber, and proteins in it. The healthy fats’ part in almonds makes them beneficial for treating diabetes. Two ounces of almonds provide the required amount of Magnesium that is essential for the blood sugar control.

  • Lowers the Cholesterol:

The high level of cholesterol in the human blood is the main reason for heart disease. According to a study, the intake of 1.5 ounces of almonds on a daily basis lowers the level of cholesterol by 5.3 mg and also maintains the balanced amount of cholesterol in human blood.

  • Reduces hunger:

As mentioned above, almonds are rich in fiber and protein. This fiber and protein increase the repletion in the human body. This repletion makes us feel full and forces us to take the balanced amount of calories on a daily basis. 1.5 ounce of almonds every day makes you feel less hungry and as a result, you only eat the essential food that maintains and keeps you going with a balanced diet.

  • Effective for losing weight:

Almonds contain numerous amounts of nutrients in it which makes it hard for the human body to digest and break down. Almost 10 percent of calories in almonds is not absorbed by the human body, which is the sign that it can increase the rate of metabolism. With hunger-fighting characteristics, almonds are effective for losing some serious weight of the human body.

From the above-mentioned health benefits of almonds, it is pretty clear that eating a handful of almonds on a daily basis can provide you with loads of nutrients. So, you can say that eating almonds is like having a close to perfect health for a human being.

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