Why Cancer Is So Hard To Cure?

Why Cancer Is So Hard To Cure

“Cancer is not only a disease; it is hundreds of diseases combined,” explains the research. You might have seen many deaths of your close ones or relatives due to painful diseases like cancer. Cancer is such a life-threatening disease that can strain out all the energy and wellbeing of the patient. It can be caused due to many reasons of the illness of our body and spread in our body, making the patient’s survival critical. A human body can have the chances of getting a hundred types of cancers.

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by unusual cell growth. These cells can occupy different tissues in our body, leading to serious health problems, often life-threatening. Conferring to the Centers for disease control and Prevention, cancer is the second cause of death in the United States after heart diseases. It comes down to the question of developing the cure for cancer. Is it possible to cure cancer? Is there a proper treatment that can guarantee the elimination of cancer cells from our body?

Firstly, we should know what actually is a cure or a remission. A treatment eliminates all traces of cancer cells from the body and guarantees not coming back. Whereas remission means there are few to no signs of cancer in an individual’s body. Furthermore, complete remission means there are no detectable signs of cancer in a person’s body. Unfortunately, even after complete remission, cancer cells can come back into the body five years after treatment. Some doctors use the term “cured” after successfully treating cancer, ensuring patients cannot come back. It is not true as cancer has a high chance of returning into the patient’s body in five years. As of yet, there is no proper cure or successful treatment of cancer in the world.

Billions of pounds and dollars have been raised and spent finding a proper cure for this devastating disease, but all goes in vain. Cancer is such a disease with high chances of no survival for the patient. However, it might give some years of life but still no guarantee for any individual.

To know why there isn’t a cure for cancer yet, we have to understand the cancer complexities that medical science is facing. As cancer is not a single disease, it is a combination of many diseases. It makes it even harder for professionals to treat. Each broad cancer type has many sub-types. They all react and behave differently because they are on a different genetic and molecular model. This also means that cancer arises from our own cells, so each tumor can be as diverse and complicated as the other.

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Underlying the more than 200 different cancers are a countless number of other cell mutations. A mutation is known as changing the structure of a gene, resulting in a variant form transmitted from generation to generation. Every cancer is caused by a variant set of mutations and tumor growth. The tumor of cancer grows with more and more modifications in the human body. This means that the drug made for the cure of cancer might work for one kind of patient but would not work on the other due to his different set of mutations. Cancer cells within a tumor are not identical. Not every cancer cell in a tumor will have the same genetic mutations as a neighboring cancer cell.

The genetic mutations that cancer cells acquire over time explain that the cells change the way they behave. This can be a hazardous problem. The modifications can increase cancer cells’ resistance to cure with time and make them unproductive during the treatment. If this happens, the patient will be put to a different treatment. Still, again, cancer might develop resistance to the new drugs. Cancer cells are really good at staying alive. Normal cells have specific mechanisms which stop them from growing or creating too much. Cancer cells are resilient; they have lost control of their agents and can develop into the patient’s body more and more with time.

Cancer research promises a better future and a cure due to recent developments in the technology and research sector. It gives a hope that one day it will be stopped and all the suffering from it will end.

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