How Certain Professions And Late-Night Dinners Can Affect A Women’s Heart

How Certain Professions Can Affect A Women’s Heart
  • A study has shown surprising results!
  • Certain professions can cause a higher health risk to women’s hearts.
  • Even late dinners can become the cause of bad cardiovascular health!
  • A team from Dornsife School of Public Health at Drexel University conducted a study to investigate the heart health of post-menopausal women.

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  • Sixty-five thousand women included in the study showed an average age of 63 years.
  • They noted that there were 20 common professions within the women.
  • To properly check the health of their heart, total cholesterol, blood sugar, smoking, physical activity, and nutrition were noted.
  • 13% of the women involved in the study had poor cardiovascular health.
  • Of the women with poor heart health, social workers were 36% more likely to have an evil heart! 
  • It is surprising!
  • What shocked the team was the fact that women who worked in health care had an increased 16% risk to their hearts.
  • Even nurses and retail workers were at a higher risk of poor heart health and other problems!
  • On the other hand, women working in real estate had a 24% lower risk of heart problems, while assistants had an 11% lowered risk!
  • What does this say about specific professions?
  • Certain professions have a higher health risk for women, as the study has shown.
  • Physicians might need to keep this factor in mind when checking for the overall health of the heart in women!
  • A second study was conducted which investigated the effect of late-night dinners on the health of the heart.
  • The team from Columbia University, New York, concluded that women who often snack late at night are at a higher risk of having heart problems.
  • One hundred twelve women were examined at the start and the end of the year to check for signs of developing heart symptoms.
  • The average age of women was 33 years old. They were instructed to write what they eat for a week and at what time.
  • The results showed that women who often ate after 6 PM were at a higher health risk!
  • With a 1% rise in the number of calories consumed after 8 PM, there was a significant decline observed in the overall health of the heart!
  • These women often had higher blood sugar and body mass, and generally had a more impoverished lifestyle.
  • This research is an excellent indicator of the importance of having food at the right time and how it can affect the heart!

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