25 Foods That Make Women Age Slower


It is a known fact that you cannot stay younger for a long time, but it is much possible if you start consuming the right kind of the food. There is a wide range of the food types that slow down the process of aging. Instead of buying expensive creams and holding the expensive treatments, it would be rather the best option as to carry out the best consumption of the healthy food items.  Right here we will discuss the 25 foods that make women age slower for sure :


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

They have the highest protein content. They are somehow also rich in copper, biotin, and vitamin E that would keep your hair, nails, and skin from looking aged.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

It has been mentioned that almost one medium-sized apple contains 17 percent of the daily fiber requirements your body needs.         it works against the inflammation or body pain that makes you feel all the weak and old.

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Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Adding blueberries to your daily diet will reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease that is one of the emerging diseases as the neurons grow older. This fruit basically protects your neurons from proteins that clump together your brain cells resulting in memory loss and various other factors.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Well, almost half a cup of carrots daily can increase your body’s protection just as against inflammation that triggers arthritis. You just need to crunch on a raw one. As it works best for your health.

Cheddar cheese:

Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

This food item is best as it maintains the mouth’s pH levels. As on the basis of the resulting of the discoloration and cavity formation on the teeth is prevented on the whole.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Maximum of the age-related diseases arise from inflammation. But cherries are taken as best as they often provide relief and reduce those body aches and pain.

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Dark chocolate:

Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Dark chocolate is rich in the sources of the anti-aging benefits. It would help you as it stimulates the hormone serotonin that would keep your mood happy and lively all the time. Happiness is other factor that keeps you young and motivated all your life.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Eggs are much rich in the high-protein content as they are a wonderful source of biotin, It, hence keeps the nails from growing brittle as you age.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Grapefruits are also known out to be rich loads of vitamin C that helps protect the skin from premature aging. It also at the end deliver the body’s recommended daily vitamin C needs.

Green Tea:

Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

This amazing green tea drink contains high amounts of polyphenols that can effectively block cholesterol buildup in the arteries. It will be preventing the development of vascular diseases. Green tea also fights off inflammation and at the end improves the elasticity of the skin.

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Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

It has the vitamin K content that can help slow down cognitive decline in older women. It also helps in improving the brain functioning cognition.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Lentils are rich in vitamin B9 that is helpful as to prevent the hair from going gray. You can think about to add lentils to salads and soups.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Your body is always in need of the calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth. Milk has one of the richest sources of these nutrients. You should drink at least three glasses of milk a day.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Oranges are taken away to be rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene that has great anti-aging properties. It will on the whole aid in the oxidation of bad cholesterol.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Oysters are rich in the content of the zinc and vitamin A. It can prevent macular degeneration in terms of the older adults.

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Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Salmon is regarded to be known as being rich in omega-3 that will increase good cholesterol content in your body. It also marks as it reduces the blood clots in your arteries.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

All through by eating sardines regularly will keep the bones stronger as it is rich in vitamin D and calcium.

Shiitake mushrooms:

Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

If your hairs are growing gray, you could be deficient in copper. You should eat a cup of shiitake mushrooms daily.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Spinach is put in the category of the superfoods that contain the high amounts of folate and omega-3.  You can take a cup of fresh spinach or half a cup of cooked spinach that will bring on with some amazing wonders for your body against age-related diseases.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Well, the strawberries contain polyphenols that are yet another great anti-aging food. You can add it to your breakfast or desserts.

Sweet potatoes:

Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

This food has been filled with the richness of the carotenoids. If you eat at least almost half a medium-sized sweet potato boiled or baked, you get at least 200 percent the daily allowance of carotenoids.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

This food can boost your skin’s appearance as it has the antioxidant and it is also rich in carotenoids too.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

This amazing food is also packed with antioxidants and omega-3 that prevents on with the heart disease development. It can also decrease heart attack risks by 40 percent.

Whole grains:

Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

You should choose the foods that use whole grains. Refined grains could hence cause your sugar levels to increase that is not healthy for the whole-body function.


Doctor ASKY / Anti Aging Foods

Well, the cup of plain yogurt has all the calcium your body needs for the day. Yogurt is also mentioned to be the probiotic that on the whole balances the health of your gut and protects your body against cancer.


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