How to quit smoking?

how to quit smoking?

How to quit smoking? We all know that the answer is very tough, but don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. We will guide you properly on how to quit smoking. But you would have to be patient and leave previous habits.

If you wanna know how to quit smoking? then let’s begin with it..

how to quit smoking?

Smoking is an addiction; it gives a high feeling to the person. It can make the person feel relieved. It takes him to a new world free from all sorts of depression, anxiety, and stress. The nicotine in the cigarette affects both the mind and the body. Once someone gets addicted to this feeling, it gets difficult for him to quit this habit and look for an alternative, healthier way to cope up with his issues.

The first step in quitting is to develop a proper plan. You would need to let go of all the previous habits and routines. With the help of proper support either from family or friends, you can kick start your journey. Make for yourself a plan that would consist of short-term and long-term challenges. Address all of them one by one; it will make you closer to your goal.

In developing your plan, first set a quit date for yourself. Make all your plans according to this. Secondly, tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your plan for quitting. They will help you get through difficult situations.

how to quit smoking?

An important step is to consult your doctor on this. He would prescribe you medicine that will help you. Also, don’t forget to remove all the tobacco products from your surroundings.

You can also signup for a stop-smoking group. Having people around you going through the same phase would help to boost up your confidence.

Quitting smoking without any NRT, or medication is very hard. The most effective way recommended both by doctors and therapists is the use of NRTs. The five approved NRTs include skin patches, lozenges, chewing gums, nasal spray, and inhalers. If you’ve decided to adopt one of these, it’s better to consult your doctor about the dosage. You might experience some dizziness, weakness, or nausea after using these products. In this case, immediately ask your doctor for advice.

Some people also use non-nicotine pills to help themselves quit smoking. The two most abundantly used are bupropion and varenicline. Before using them, ask your healthcare provider to give you a proper prescription. These drugs play with the chemicals in the brain, thereby reducing nicotine cravings. If you’ve just left smoking, you can use these pills for 3-4 months to reduce the risk of relapse. Side effects of these pills include depression, mood changes, aggression, and hostility. Therefore, you might think this is not the answer to how to quit smoking? but remember you should not be thinking like that.

The main reason behind smoking is an emotional and physical disturbance. Emotionally unstable people are more likely to turn towards smoking as it gives them pleasure. Behavioral support is always the best way to help such people quit smoking. It can range from small written information to an advisory group discussion and counseling.

If any of the above-suggested techniques do not work, you can always try for alternative therapies such as e-cigarettes, magnet therapy, nicotine drinks and lollipops, hypnosis, herbs, and supplements, or yoga and meditation.

Make up your mind and be sure about quitting, then decide which technique would suit you the best according to your schedule. The key to success in this regard is persistence and determination.


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