Five Ways To Lose Weight And Never Gain It Back

Lose Weight And Never Gain It Back

Have you lost weight with different diets and exercises but you gained your excess calories again within no time? Weight loss is usually short-term and returns eventually within no time if you lose weight with excessive intense workouts, weight loss therapy or crash diets. Weight loss in the right amount with the perfect lifestyle does not return back and is usually maintained in the long-run.

Follow these simple ways to lose weight and enjoy your perfect weight without even gaining it back:

Food timings are essential to lose weight. The amount of food you consume is essential along with the time at which you eat your food. Choose healthy food options for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Consume your breakfast like a king and take your dinner like a slave. Eat as much as you can at breakfast and eat a small portion of food for dinner. Try consuming breakfast at 9 am, lunch at 12-1 pm and dinner latest by 7-8 pm. Try sleeping light when you go to bed and there should be a gap of around 3-4 hours between your dinner and sleep time. Breakfast is one of the essential meals of the day as it allows you to consume micronutrients and more fiber. Studies conclude that skipping breakfast increases your chance to suffer from obesity.

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Try snacking on healthy food options between your meals as most of people do gain weight if they consume excess sugary or carb foods. Try snacking on salads, fresh fruits or nuts to satisfy your stomach. Avoid delaying meals if you are hungry. Try eating your meals once you are hungry as it affects your metabolism during the long-term.

Regular exercise in your daily routine is essential to maintain weight. It aids in burning extra calories from the body and helps in enhancing your metabolism. When you exercise regularly, you burn a similar amount of calories which you intake so you neither gain nor you lose and you maintain a constant weight. Different studies suggest that if you continue working out for 30-35 minutes daily you tend to maintain a constant weight. Exercise along with a healthy diet is one of the perfect ways to maintain weight naturally. Try lifting weights which helps in building as muscle mass. If the muscle mass is reduced you tend to gain weight as it decreases your metabolism and leads to less burnout of calories. Maintaining muscle mass effectively allows you to lose weight without gaining it back immediately.

Try consuming proteins in your diet throughout the day as it helps in reducing your appetite and allows you to lose weight. Protein causes an increase in the hormone which makes you feel full and helps in reducing excess calories. Proteins require a significant amount of energy for breaking down which further helps in burning out excess calories. Several studies show that proteins have a significant effect on your appetite and metabolism.

Pay attention to the type of carbs you consume because it helps in maintaining the weight. Eating excess refined carbs like white pasta, white rice, and white bread or fruit juices can have a detrimental effect on your body and result in weight gain. The processed foods or carb foods lack essential fiber which is necessary to promote fullness. Diets that have less quantity of fiber result in obesity and cause weight gain. Limiting the carb intake or low-carb foods are good for maintaining weight and help in weight loss.

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