Is Banana a Weight gain or Weight Loss Fruit?


So many of the minds are stuck with the question that whether the banana is the weight gain or the weight loss fruit! So many of the medical doctors have suggested you most often to eat bananas as they are healthy and rich in the fats content for weight gain. At the same time, as when people come across someone skinny, the first advice they do give out is to consume a lot of bananas with milk.

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Diet experts even suggest that you eat at least one banana every day. But the bananas for weight gain or weight loss mystery remains unsolved as whether it is a fruit for weight loss or gain. It would be merely complete depending on how many of the bananas you are eating away with.

Is Banana a Weight gain or Weight loss fruit?

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If you are eating nothing but only bananas, then you will automatically lose weight. But if you are somehow eating your regular meals along with five to six bananas per day, then you will gain weight. On the whole, somehow, we would say that eating bananas are beneficial for your health. Eating bananas will be keeping you much away from all diseases.
According to Ayurveda, banana is helpful as they balance the vata and pitta doshas. But if not digested properly, then they will hence lead to the increase in the kapha dosha that is associated with keeping the body fresh.

Another interesting fact related to the banana is that they will be helping away as in fighting with the obesity. It would also be helping you regarding building with the muscles in the body. People should and must consume bananas, as it will help in increasing the hemoglobin count.

It is to be mentioned that a single banana contains 108 calories that are somehow equal to almost 18 grams of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are said to be much essential for the smooth functioning of our body organs. But getting into the excess of the sugars can lead to weight gain.

Banana is also rich in the number of vitamins, as well as minerals, and fiber that will be helping away as in improving the basic metabolic rate, i.e., BMR. As the BMR level will be increasing the bodies will be tending to lose weight automatically and usually faster than the average time required. It is also creamy with the amount of pectin that helps you as to feel fuller for a more extended period.

Bananas do have the low glycemic index, that will be helping you as in reducing weight. Most of the fruits are somehow now much vitamin B6. However, bananas will be providing on with the adequate amount of vitamin B6 that helps out in keeping our body healthy even after an intense workout.

By eating away, the bananas regularly will be helping you as to prevent heart diseases. It also helps you regarding controlling the blood sugar levels in the body. They help you as to speed up the process of digestion by reducing the amount of time that is to be needed by the intestines to digest food.

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