How to reduce uric acid ?

How to reduce uric acid
How to reduce Uric Acid

Usually, your body filters uric acid from your kidneys and urine. If you consume abundant purine in your diet or your body cannot get rid of this by-product quickly enough, uric acid can build up in your blood. The high uric acid level is known as hyper-uricemia. Urate can cause a disease called gout, which causes painful joints that have build-up crystals. It can also create your blood and urine very acidic.

Consider watching this video to know more about what is arthritis and how it is related to uric acid…

Uric acid can be collected in your body for many reasons. A few of these are diet, genetics, obesity, or being overweight and stress. Some health disorders can also lead to high uric acid levels, such as kidney disease, diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism, some types of cancer or chemotherapy, and psoriasis.

You can restrict the source of uric acid in your diet. Foods rich in purines include some meats, seafood, and vegetables. All of these foods give uric acid when digested. Do not eat or cut down on foods such as organ meats, pork, turkey, seafood, scallops, lamb, beef, cauliflower, peas, beans, and mushrooms.

Although uric acid is often linked to protein-rich foods, recent studies show that sugar may also be a potential cause. Sugars added to foods include table sugar, corn syrup, and high-fructose corn syrup. Sugary drinks, soft drinks, and even fresh juices are concentrated with sugar-containing fructose and glucose. Drinking plenty of fluids helps the kidneys clear uric acid faster. Always carry a bottle of water with you. Set the alarm every hour to remind you to take a few sips.

Drinking alcohol can make you more thirsty. It can also trigger high levels of uric acid. This is because the kidneys must first filter the products that form in the blood because of alcohol instead of uric acid and other wastes.

Certain alcoholic beverages, such as beer, are also rich in purine. With your diet, extra pounds can increase uric acid levels. Fat cells produce more uric acid than muscle cells. Also, being overweight makes it harder for the kidneys to sieve out uric acid. Losing weight too rapidly can also affect levels.

Adults with type 2 diabetes may have excessive insulin in their bloodstream. This hormone is essential for transporting sugar from the blood to the cells, where it can enhance the function of the body. However, too much insulin causes excess uric acid in the body, as well as weight gain.

Eating more fiber will help your body clear uric acid. Fiber can also help balance blood sugar and insulin levels. It also tends to increase satiety and helps reduce the risk of overeating. Stress, bad sleep habits, and too little exercise can increase inflammation. Inflammation can cause high levels of uric acid.

Practice mindful techniques like breathing exercises and yoga to help you survive with your stress levels. Join a group or use an app that reminds you to breathe and stretch several times a day. Exercise good sleep hygiene, such as avoiding digital screens two to three hours before bed, getting up at set times every day, and avoiding caffeine after lunch.

Consult your doctor if you have insomnia or trouble sleeping. Physical activity, diet, and other healthy lifestyle changes can improve gout and other illnesses sourced by high uric acid levels. However, they cannot always replace necessary medical treatment.

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