How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs


Are you having enlarged boobs and feeling awkward all the time? Do you feel embarrassed because of man boobs ?  If yes, then don’t worry until or unless you are not suffering from panic attacks, depression, or social phobias. They usually occur at an age of 50 or above but depending upon the cause it may perk up at any age. Technically it is called Gynecomastia, or in simple words “man boobs”. It basically comes from benign swelling of breast tissue typically caused by an imbalance in the hormones at some point during the life such as puberty, or old age. Most of the guys having “man boobs” are also overweight, feeling distressed about the heaviness of their chest. But still, most of them feel embarrassed about it and eagerly finding a way to get rid of these. Well, we are here to bring you all the solutions instead of digging out for the cause. Getting rid of man boobs is still workable at home but if you find any hormonal imbalances with several changes in your body you must consult your doctor/physician at first.

Tips to get rid of Man Boobs:

   Consult your Physician:

Consulting your doctor should be the utmost priority as it is not normal to get “man boobs”. If you are having enlarged breasts it definitely means you are going through some physical changes or hormonal imbalances in your body. your doctor will take a complete history, might need to run a breast imaging scan or some blood tests to diagnose what actually is causing gynecomastia.

It might scare you but to some extent, it is also a condition where your doctor needs to rule out if you are suffering from fat necrosis, hematoma, breast cancer, or metastasis leading to any other cancer. That is why it is necessary to see your doctor if you feel any bumpy growth in your breast so you may secure yourself from all these diseases. As a treatment, he may suggest some surgery or hormonal medication. He will guide you knowing the severity of the condition and its cause.


   Time to Knock at Gym:

If it is diagnosed as a mild case of gynecomastia, you may also consult your dietician to let him re-schedule your diet plan and time for some workout. These both can really help to get rid of the boobs if you do it properly. There are specified workouts for the elimination of man boobs, you need to try that instead of just doing regular exercises.


   Have a check on your Medicines:

There are certain medicines who boosts one’s breasts such as some antidepressants, opioids. Androgen blockers, statins, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, even some marijuana can do that too your boobs. So, you need to check out if you are taking any of the above drugs and need to stop to get aware of the actual cause.

   No more Steroids:

While the drug can give you the bulk of muscles, it can also stimulate breast tissue growth too. in fact, it is one of the most common causes of gynecomastia among bodybuilders reportedly. It may either cause an irreversible damage to your breast muscles so you need to check out your steroid intake. Otherwise, you’ll require a surgery to fix your breasts.

   Knock out certain Weed Killers:

If you have been into gardening or growing vegetables and suffering from this problem then to let you know that there are certain pesticides and herbicides which actually fluctuate your hormonal balance in the body. to name a few are endosulfan, atrazine etc. You might look for some chemical-free weed killers to avoid gynecomastia and environmental hazards as well.

Eradicate Plastic from your Life:

Again, to your surprise, it may be the plastic you use in your daily lives that can lead you to have enlarged boobs. All types of BPA and phthalates and even low doses of bisphenol-A (BPA) as found in canned foods and plastics can cause gynecomastia. The water bottles that we use daily in our lives is the leading source of these plastic chemicals. You better catch on stainless-steel or glass bottles/containers to stay safe from these harmful chemicals.

Count on your Sleep Hours:

Eight-hour sleep as suggested by all doctors/physicians is not only crucial to a better health but also to normal hormone production which is essential to regulate the metabolism and chemical balance in the human body. Sleeping eight-hour does not mean sleeping at any hour of the day but it is necessary to follow the circadian rhythm which is adequate sleep at night.  As the less sleep at night hours, less will be the testosterone production in the body which also leads to gynecomastia and obesity as well.

Treatment with Medication:

Some hormonal medicines if used improperly can also lead to such changes in your body such as gynecomastia. There are certain medications and supplements associated with gynecomastia that could either be due to low zinc levels in the body or high estradiol levels. Whatever it is your doctor can best prescribe you a medicine or supplement to get rid of the swollen chest.

Fix your Diet:

Food is another great contributor to the physical changes you feel in your body. Some processed foods, bad fats, sugar, large amounts of healthy fats such as omega-3, olive oil, avocados, lean protein etc. can definitely induce some hormonal imbalances in the body when consumed in large quantities. The best way to deal with gynecomastia is to go consult your doctor and take control of your diet along with the medical treatment. Such foods need to be consumed in a minimum quantity to take control of your body metabolism. Also, there are certain foods such as dried fruits, peas, beans, sesame seeds, bran cereals etc. which boost estrogen levels in the body and ultimately brings you enlarged breasts. Consult your dietitian in that case and get the best advice from him according to your condition.

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