How to analyze people?

How to analyze people

Have you ever wanted to know about a person just by looking at them? In this article, you’ll learn how to analyze people by different means and understand their personality and connect with them.


The colours you often wear as your clothes, say a lot about you. People who often wear dark colours are mostly mysterious, bold, angry, unhappy, powerful, intimidating, and private.

People who wear light colours feel more lively on the other hand. They are mostly found smiling, laughing, contended and enjoying the most of their time.

Birth order:

An only child will most likely look for attention from everyone because of being the centre of attention at home. He also feels he has to live up to his parents’ expectations and tries to be a perfectionist.

The eldest child will be more responsible, protective, mature and helpful. He will try to be an overachiever to get the attention of his parents because of their undivided attention after his siblings’ birth.

A middle child will run towards other people because of not receiving attention from his parents. He will have more friends, be rebellious and a people pleaser.

The youngest might be self-centred, manipulative, fun-loving, free-spirited and outgoing because of being pampered at home.

Body language:

Psychologists don’t read minds, but they read your body language which gives away what is going on in your mind.

When you see a person sitting with his arms crossed, it means that he is being defensive and does not agree with whatever you’re saying or doing.

Nail-biting tells us about a person who is nervous, stressed or insecure.

Hand placed on the cheek means a person is deep in his thoughts.

The drumming of fingers is something we all have done when we grew impatient.

If you find someone rubbing or touching their nose, it means they are lying about something or don’t believe in what you are saying.

When a person rubs his hands together, it means he is very excited for something or is waiting eagerly.

Have you ever noticed your leader or boss, placing their fingertips together? It means they are trying to show that they are in control.

At some point, we all have put our head in our hands when we did something bad. It means that we are sad, ashamed and also bored.

If a person locks their ankles while sitting or standing it shows that they are nervous or eager.

When a person pulls his ear it means that he is unable to make a decision even though he is trying very hard.

Stroking of the chin shows a person in deep thought, trying to make a proper decision.

Touching of arms, neck, face and crossing, uncrossing of legs shows a person is insecure or lacks confidence. So does hugging one’s self, putting hands in pockets and shrugging of shoulders.

Standing straight with shoulders pushed back shows that the person is confident.


A person who feels low, insecure about himself, and gets less attention, will show interest in friends and partners who are submissive so he can feel dominant and superior.

A person’s interest in a particular subject shows how he compensates for the things he lacks. For example, a person showing interest in psychology might lack knowledge about his emotions, feelings and behaviour.

Have you ever tried to analyze a person without hearing them speak?

Let us know your experiences in the comments.

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