10 Ways To Remain Close To Your Teenagers In Their Most Rebellious Years


As soon as the kid reaches into the adulthood and then into the time of being the teenager, then for sure you will start noticing around the change in their personality, traits and so as the habits too. This is the time when you should be staying with your teenage kid enough close to make them feel as you are their best friend. Right here we will be making you explain with the 15 ways to remain close to your teenagers in their most rebellious years.

Listen to your Teenagers all the Time:

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The most important thing is to pay close attention to the signs your teen is sending you.  If they want to stay alone in their space they will either be expressive or make it explain to you through their body language. You should listen to them and comply.

They should solve their Problems, Not You:

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When your children talk to you about their problems, it helps to listen just as without trying to solve their problems for them. You should give them the freedom to solve their problems by their own as it would develop the ability to make their own decisions when you choose to listen and not interfere.

Attend their Events:

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Each single time your kid would be taking part in some game or a performance or a recital, you should support them most of all. You should take interest in their hobbies most of all.

Search Little Things to Bond with Them:


As you would establish a small practice that you do together with your teen, then they will appreciate the little effort and bond with you over it. Hence these little things can go a long way to establishing a closer relationship.

Giving them a Warm Hug:


Whenever they will feel upset and down, you should attend them with the warm hug always. Well a hug from can really go a long way toward helping them feel loved and hence being comforted.

Stop Commenting on all of their Mistakes:

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As you will notice them making mistakes, as it feels almost unbearable to sit idly by and let them mess up. You should let them learn from their mistakes, and hence encourage them every time you see them doing something good or making an effort.

Ask them about their Day Routine:

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You should be showing maximum of the interest in your kid daily activities and routine. This would make them realize with the feeling that you care for them and take much interest in their life.

Get into Interaction with their Friends:

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You should take much interest in their social life as well and try to call their friends on a meal or lunch at home.  This can turn out to be the great bonding experience.

Helping them with Chores:

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It would be a daunting task to do the chores all alone. You can offer as to do their chores together as so that they do not feel the burden. They will really appreciate the help.

Offer their Friends to Join on Family Vacation Trips:

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You should take their friends along with you on the family trips or vacations. This would make them much exciting, and they can stay in front of your eyes all the time.

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