Heart Touching Nanotales


Nanotales Doctor ASKY (1)

“What is your name?” the officer asked.

“What is in a name?” he replied.

They handcuffed and took him away as a prisoner.

Nanotales Doctor ASKY (2)


“No my darling, you hang up first,” she said.

“No my love, you first,” he said.

The batteries on their phone lasted longer than their love story.

Nanotales Doctor ASKY (3)

Money buys everything, including happiness.

Ask the five year old who took his first sip of clean water today, in his first pair of shoes.
Nanotales Doctor ASKY (4)

“Zen, you took money from me, again!” her mother shouted on seeing the zip of her purse open.

“No,” Zen replied.

Counting the money in her hands, she wiped away the tears holding the extra five-hundred rupee note Zen had put in her purse.

Nanotales Doctor ASKY (5)

She was stuck in a mud pit and he offered her his arm.

She wanted the rest of him.

She managed to escape, but he was lost.

Every morning, waking up the sound of his heartbeat was her favourite thing to do.

When it stopped, he realised how much he missed her.
Nanotales Doctor ASKY (7)

The joker was busy entertaining the kids at the birthday party.

Then, he smiled.

He was asked to leave the premises immediately.

Nanotales Doctor ASKY (8)

“We have decided to not offer you our lunch anymore,” informed Tess.

“Sorry, my stomach is still upset,” Lane sadly replied, trying not to drool over their lunch boxes.

The chemo pills were eating up her insides. Nanotales Doctor ASKY (9)

“I like the colour yellow, like the sun,” he said.

“You can’t see the sun,” said his friend.

The argued and never said a word to each other ever again.

Nanotales Doctor ASKY (10)

“Betty, you’re the love of my life,” whispered Jed. “I would inscribe your name on my heart with these fingers.”

He’s currently searching for feasible tattoo removal options in his city.

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