10 Nanotales by Princy Kiran


1. She bent her knees to peep through the small carved hole in the wall. The click sound of the door being locked from inside was her cue to get back to work.

Another missed sunset meant she was sinking deeper into darkness and no one cared to look for her.


2. Mary loved sharing her chocolates with her best friend, until Daisy confessed to having a sweet tooth.


3. His marriage vow had read, “My love will be there to lift you up and make you laugh.”

He laughed at her while she lay on the floor bleeding and holding onto her broken tooth.


4. At age four they threatened to cut off his arms for stealing a loaf of bread. Twenty years later, he now works for the armed forces.


5. She had worked hard for fifteen years to prove her worth within the company. Then he came along and was offered her chair.

Smilingly, she stood up, silently praying for them to let her keep the desk.


6. Family begin to matter again when money is no longer the main matter under discussion.


7. The baby’s cries were filling up the empty spaces in the house. Not having any me-time was driving her insane.

Then the crying stopped and she ran towards the silence-the only place she wasn’t lonely anymore.


8. John watched as his pink letter flew away. It was his daughter’s favourite colour.

Without a job and no roof over her head, his best option right now was jumping off one.


9. She dreamt of owning her own company and running it, someday.

Now she enjoys being on her own and often runs into the company of angels and demons.

Mia became a writer.


10. Rogue, a tough looking fellow likes to rough people up without any particular reason.

He walks into a bar wanting to pick a fight and starts demanding everything to be served cold.

The bartender serves him a cold shoulder which shocks Rogue and sends his body into a frozen state.

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