This couple spent 20 years building their floating island home


Once upon a time, escaping the city bustle, artists King and Adams decided to realize their dream and build a little house on their own island. They chose a floating island near the coast of Vancouver Island in British Colombia. They have worked for more than twenty years to create their quiet, remote haven in nature’s abode, and they are still not done.

Doctor Asky invites you to take a look at the photos from this happy couple’s archives.


Artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King live in absolute harmony with nature.


The Canadian couple is cut off from civilization. They live on the floating island called “Freedom Cove.“


King and Adams say that the float home, which is anchored in an inlet on the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island in British Colombia, lets them interact with nature without interfering with its course.


Green houses, an art gallery and a lighthouse share their eco-haven — all of them are decorated with recycled materials and painted in bright pink, turquoise and lilac colours.

The couple grow their own food in huge gardens, that stretch across their domain and receive energy from the line of solar panels.

”We live our life in a way that, we hope, will help us contribute to sustaining our environment,” explains King. “Each day we try to lead our lives conscientiously.”

The Freedom Cove has been under construction for more than 20 years now and is still unfinished.

Catherine and Wayne continue to hatch plans to add to their already spectacular floating township.

Source: mindbodygreen
Photo source: pinterest

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