Do you really need a Horoscope to predict your future ?


We love people who claim they can foresee the future, those who say they know palmistry and even horoscopes at times. How interesting it is to us things that give us the illusion that we have everything under control and even our future we seem to know alot about.
But how pathetic it is still that sometimes you need a horoscope to tell you 2016 will be in your favor or a lying astronomer to tell you good things are on their way to calm our vibrating continous worries.
How sad it is that regardless of the faith each and every one of us have and the education and brains we own we still are always intrigued with those hypothetical assumptions about our future,  we still are so eager to try and predict what seems so unpredictable .
If you thought alittle we all can forsee the future,  i myself could tell you how your life is going to be, i could tell you that life isn’t going to be always white neither will it be always black.  It’ll be in every colour you could ever think of.  I could tell you that all through the way Whether you like it or not we will get attached to things.
Whether you like it or not yes we will die more than once every time a thing we hold on desert us.
Whether you like or not you will have to manage to go through a certain phase and it might be hard but No matter how hard it may seem you just have to go through it alone, maybe because everyone abandoned you and maybe because you lost someone dear to your heart who caused this hard phase from the first place and only you can go through it . I could tell you that in life You can’t give up at the first obstacle nor the second, you shouldn’t give up anyways because when you do, you lose because sometimes life is no angel and not merciful, if you don’t have the will to fight then go, someone else will but why let go of the place you can earn, right !

I could tell you that in life You can’t lose hope because your heart got broken.  You will have to fix it,  at least enough to get up on your feet and continue the road you once started or continue the fight you once believed in.

All the way through you will change. You will turn bad at times and good at others, you will make mistakes and you will learn, you will regret, whine and cheer up , you will love and hate, you will break hearts maybe as many times as your heart will get broken, you will miss and hope you are missed, you will fail and succeed over and over again and you will discover that what matters, what really really matters is that you don’t lose yourself all through the way, that you found principles to which you clinge and you change them if necessary until you finally become sure that you are on a steady ground. It’s not so easy all the way through but it is worth every minute and every feeling. It is worth your life.

It’s hard, everything, love, passion, dreams, hope, despair, friendships, relationships, solitude, life in general with all its discrepancies is hard and more than once it’ll get you exhausted and worn out and not so many times it’ll get you laughing till you can’t take your breath anymore but then there are the little things, the ones that when remembered make you know you wouldn’t want to give up on life and you wouldn’t be able to do so even if you wanted to..
The little things, the details, the happiness in disguise, the glitter in your eyes when you talk about your passion or laugh from your heart, the glance at your crush and the success and the accomplished dreams even your favorite food sometimes ….those are the things that encourage you to go on no matter what.

But despite all of that will i stop my curiosity of the wish to peek on the future or to hear some words -that I know are probably mere fables -but could still make me feel something great is about to get in the way!!
I doubt that, not today at least but i know, for sure that I’d still go to my college and continue my work even though my daily horoscope told me to stay at home, it’s not your day.

Author : Mariem Sherif

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