33 Problems Only Youngest Siblings Understand


33 Problems Only Youngest Siblings Understand

Growing up in a family where you are the youngest one have its own perks but sometimes life is hard too , yet it’s full of fun. Here are 33 things that every youngest sibling can relate to.

(1) There are no pictures of JUST YOU when you were a baby. Your elder sibling is always going to be in your photos.

(2) You are used to sleep on the floor when you are on family vacations. If you are lucky enough you get to sleep on the couch.

(3) Whatever game is being played, They will choose you the last only to fill the space and you get to be out the first.

(4) Almost everyone will compare you to your older relatives.

(5) In the eyes of your parents and relatives you will never grow up. You will still be that innocent idiot of 5 yet you are 40

(6)  When you are going to reach the important part of life , like getting married, graduating and getting your licenses, Its not a big deal and no one will celebrate because your elders already been there and its boring now.

(7) You can rock hand-me-downs like its nobody’s business.

(8) You never have a baby book.

(9) To mess with your head your siblings keep telling you that you were adopted.

(10) You pretty much hate seniority.

(11) You were given a chance to sit at the adult’s table once in your life and guess what ! That was a major let down.

(12) You have to change the plans of your education because by the time you get in to professional studies your parents are already out of money.

(13) You will almost forget your own name because people will call you someone’s sister or brother and you know what your siblings call you all the time.

(14) ALL of your teachers knew who you were before you had them.

(15) You’ve stayed up all night crying over not feeling as good/accomplished as your older relatives.

(16) Having control of the remote is a dream for you. You are now the person who likes whatever is on the TV , because you don’t have an option of changing it.

(17) You were being forced to participate in the same activities as your older siblings, because your parents could not drive to two activities at once.

(18) You pick up anything on the floor, literally anything, and its because no matter what, you are and you will always be “the closest to the ground”. Despite the fact that you are now taller than everyone in the family.

(19) People look at you and are shocked that you are not exactly like your siblings. When people say this your siblings assure them that you were adopted.

(20) If you are playing a game with your siblings and the game involves a ball. Well, the ball is going to be thrown at your head all the time. It doesn’t matters what game it is or what ball it is.

(21) Your mom either totally forgot about you or never let you out of her sight. There is nothing in-between.

(22) Most of the time your parents get your name wrong, the bonus point is that you and your pet are often called by the same names.

(23) You always have someone to blame and everyone else have the perfect person to blame. That’s YOU.

(24) Your elder siblings always accuse you of being the favorite .

(25) You were always accused of being a tattle tale, but you only tattled out of self-preservation.

(26) You never get Privacy. Everything that you have is owned by everyone else.

(27) All your toys end up being broken and are stepped on. BTW they weren’t really yours.

(28) Your dad is extra extra extra overprotective of you.

(29) Your friends , boyfriends/ girlfriends, close ones are always under interrogation by atleast 9 different people.

(30) When your parents are going out for a while and they put your elder sibling incharge of everything, It basically means that you have become their slave.

(31) Your elder sibling owns you , they will torture you and you are not allowed to tell your parents. If you do tell them, get ready for some spanking.

(32) You never get a chance to say anything about your opinion and hence people accuse you of being shy so well,, you just gave up.

(33) No matter how much they tortured you, you knew someone ALWAYS has your back. And that never ever changes.

(34) Only your elder siblings have the right to torture you , IF someone else treat you badly , then they are going to regret it for the rest of their lives because your siblings love you more than anything. They just wont tell you !

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