Your number 1 priority


Your number 1 priority

Everyone has its own way of living a life. Some want to get rich overnight; others want to live a life of hand to mouth and they are satisfied with the lives they are, at present, living. On the other hand, there are others who are living a life for others. Just as Einstein said, “A life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” The true meaning of life is to live for others, not just being selfish and merely living and ignoring the fact of how others would be living, and these the people who are considered as the happiest people on earth.

There is that research conducted to see who the ones who live their lives happily are. The research particularly analysed a group of people. The results were shocking. It stated that those people who are socially sound and love to meet people are the people who remain happy most of the time. Therefore, it is quite evident that people who have got good loyal friends, those who have got someone to share things with are the one who live happily.

So in order to live life happily, one needs to set priorities. The list goes on but your number 1 priority should be to help others and to ensure that no one around you is living a sad life. Most of the time, people ignore the fact and make themselves on the top of the list and forget others. And at the end of the day, they are the ones who end up being sad. The following are the priorities that should be followed to live a life for others.

Help other people:

People who have got pure hearts are the ones who love to help people out. They will be on the task anytime someone asks them for help. In fact, they are the ones who would love to help everyone, and their purpose in life would be to live for others. These are the people who in return get help from nature and things, most of the time, go in their favor. Yes, it happens. On the other hand, there are people who don’t bother to help anyone no matter what happens. They are the ones who are deprived of happiness in life and they think not helping others would benefit them in any way. Thus, this should be as number 1 priority that is to help anyone who is in dire need.

Ask for help:

Most of the time people are shy in asking help and they feel inferior in asking for help. Asking for help is as important as helping others. Don’t ever hesitate in asking for help. Asking for help means that you have identified your problem and you are going to solve with the help of others. After all, issues are mostly solved by narrating your issues to others. Above all, discussing your issues and seeking help from your closed ones is the most important. The closed ones that can honestly help you are your parents who would never want you to stick at any point in your life and they would love to genuinely help you out in any matter of your life.

Give sincere advice:

If you are good at something, and people approach you in asking for help in that particular field, you should give them sincere advice. Giving a sincere advice to someone would eventually help him and he might eventually prosper. And in return, you would only get in return the benefits indefinitely. Don’t consider giving a piece of advice would make them superior but in reality, it would definitely make them realize how important you are for them at this point in time.

Don’t cheat people:

Unfortunately, this is one of the aspects of today’s era where people lie and cheat others and consider themselves as smart. This is not smartness, this is rather breaking someone’s trust. Remember, you break someone’s trust, you would never be able to achieve the same level of trust again in your life. Trust is like a mirror, you can mend but you cannot have it same like it was before. On the other hand, most of the time people give excuses on the basis I don’t tell lie rather I tell white lies. A lie is a lie! Thus to make this world worth living, one should

Make others happy:

Consider it as making happy others would eventually make you happy. Everyone wants to be happy and what’s wrong if you be one who makes others happy. Happiness always increases while distributing among others; sadness decreases while distributing among others. Thus making others happy will bring in the joy within you and a sense of satisfaction.


This life is only meant to be lived for others but not living selfishly and making others’ lives miserable. If you are being chosen by someone to help others by your own means, it means that you have the ultimate power who can change others’ lives. And, by doing this you may become superior in the sight of others. The world needs you on the basis your skills that you have been bestowed by nature, so why not use it for the betterment of the society. Why waste your time when you know you can use your skills in some positive way. After all, you are also the part of the society and why not change the world which the world is in desperate need. The world is in chaos, mass killings, use of illegal weapons, innocent people are losing their lives on the daily basis and we cannot stay at our luxurious homes while others are suffering at the hands of oppressors. It is us who need to wake up and bring the world in the state where it was before. While it always seems that it is next to impossible, your number 1 priority should be to help others to make this world peaceful.

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