Your Dog Might Know If You Are Lying!

Your Dog Might Know If You Are Lying!
  • Did you know that your dog can tell if you’re lying?
  • Science says so, and there is research to prove it.
  • A study conducted by Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan showed how dogs know if a person is lying.
  • As we know, a dog goes in the direction you point. Using a similar situation, the team tried to trick dogs into going towards a hidden bowl containing food.
  • The researcher pointed towards a container filled with food, and as expected, the dog ran towards it.
  • The researcher pointed in the same direction for the second time, but in this case, the container was empty.
  • The dog ran towards it again but soon realized there was no food in it
  • Thus, when the researcher pointed in the same direction the third time, the dog refused to move.
  • The dog had realized that the person was unreliable and refused to follow the directions given.
  • Surprisingly, every single dog of the 34 dogs used in the study displayed the same behavior.
  • On the third time, each one of the dogs refused to move.
  • This study provides a remarkable insight into the social intelligence dogs possess.
  • Not only can they understand and remember a situation, but dogs can also form an opinion on the person’s character. 
  • They understand the concept of trust and reliability!
  • Their social intelligence is surprising! And their behavior is a sign.
  • It tells us that dogs prefer predictability. They get used to routines and can quickly get confused or stressed if a human’s behavior is out of ordinary.
  • It is believed that their intelligence is a result of selective evolution due to their time spent with humans. 
  • Your dog will only trust you if it has a reason to do so or if you have proved your reliability over time.
  • Some people believe that dogs know when someone has malicious intentions or if they are a terrible person. As we know that dogs possess a sophisticated sense of social intelligence, this might very well be possible! 
  • Moreover, this tells us how dogs can not only smell fear but can know when their owner might be lying! 
  • Hence, it is better to practice honesty with everyone, even your dogs!

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