Why You Should Not Hide Depression

Why You Should Not Hide Depression

Have you ever intentionally dumped your car into an electric pole? Or have burnt your hand? Or tried to hurt your best friend?


Because when it comes to oneself, everyone is conscious. No one wishes to spoil the happy and lenient proceeding of his or her life. This is because of the unconditional love of life and living in the heart of human beings.

You go to the hospital whenever you get a mild cold or fever, just being aware of the severe diseases whose symptoms can be “a mild fever.” This is how you keep yourself safe from a harsh and painful illness.

So why don’t you show out to people that you are depressed? It’s just a common disease as a cold, flu, or headache. It is curable and recoverable as well. It’s noting adverse when you get depression. It is the human nature of getting stressed due to various reasons. But, it is NOT normal when you hide it and harm yourself.

Consider watching this video to know more about what is depression….

Studies reveal that hiding depression and trying to fight against it – all alone –  is very harmful to the human being. Being depressed lowers your energy level, and you start being in a continuous lousy mood. You might feel unconfident and hesitate in communications. The worst is when you start feeling helpless and hopeless.

Medically, this bad hype can lead to the release of several harmful enzymes, which can affect mental performance as well as the metabolism of a healthy human body. Severe cases have also resulted in miscarriages, disrupted menstrual cycles, heart arrests, kidney failures, raised blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and whatnot.

How can you accept to push yourself into these harsh happenings intentionally?

You love the way you live. You love nature. You love your family, your friends, your car, your job. You love the mouth-watering pizza from your favourite restaurant. You love the crazy concert of your favourite rock band. You love the exciting Game of Thrones series and your night partner – Netflix.

How can you agree to withdraw from your love and your life?

Depression and talking about depression hasn’t remained a taboo anymore. It is prevalent in today’s world. And it is not awkward when you tell someone about you being depressed and the thing that bothers you.

Years ago, when people were held depressed and stressed, the only solution for them was to talk about the issue and resolve it. But, the nature of the judgment of people made them feel obsessed with their actual thoughts. On the contrary, this consultation was helping a large number of people to come out of these tabooed states.

Not a single kind of human being would judge you and your thoughts when you talk about depression because they know how precious you are to them.

Have you ever felt crazy or depressed? How good was your experience when you talked about depression to someone special?

 Share your experience of depression in the comments section below.

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