Why The Law Of Attraction Actually Works ?


Why the law of attraction actually works and 7 ways to use it to your advantage?

You might have listened about the concept of the law of gravity in chemistry or physics!  But as you would apply the law of attraction to your life, you will for sure start seeing some good changes on effortless terms.  Law of attraction is basically known that the thoughts you think and also the feelings you have, create your experiences.

Doctor ASKY / Law Of Attraction

If you have positive thoughts and feelings, then for sure it will bring positive experiences. In the same way, if you have negative thoughts and feelings, then for sure it will bring negative experiences. At the end of the day, it will create experiences of them all. It normally operates on the basis that every thought and emotion have a respective energy frequency. Hence it is backed up by science that your thoughts that are accompanied by emotions often trigger respective chemicals in your brain and body. Some of the leading factors that are associated with the mental and physical health are dopamine that is associated with motivation and productivity and oxytocin that is created during intimacy, bonding, and love, serotonin that is created during joyful experiences and endorphins as the feeling-good hormone.

Doctor ASKY / Law Of Attraction

Right in the below portion of this blog post, we will discuss how the law of attraction actually works and 7 ways you can use it for your own benefit/advantage:

  1. You will, on the whole, be constantly creating your physical reality based on your vibrational frequency.
  2. No matter whether you are conscious of your thoughts or not, your mental-emotional patterns are somehow the magnets that attract situations, as well as people, events, objects, and so as the changes.
  3. Any situations or the people that are hence invited to resonate with your energy and frequency.
  4. All through by means of changing the thoughts from a deficit or lack of abundance and joy, somehow you will attract the necessary changes to require to manifest what you desire.
  5. Even though if you are catching certain things which you do not like around you, by means of focusing on what you want rather than what you do not want, you will clear space for what you truly deserve.
  6. You will be practicing the adjective of gratitude. You will somehow feel much gratitude for things you already have amplifies your good feelings and so as accelerates your life to get you where you want it to be.
  7. As you will be noticing around the beauty, success, abundance, riches, joy, irrespective of where, who, how, or why, you should acknowledge it and feel good about it. The universe is all the more taken to be limitless. When you celebrate some other person’s success, you are actually acknowledging the fact that there is much left for everyone. The factors of envy and jealousy are the signs of a limited thinking category, nothing else.

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