Why Should You Sleep Early?

Why Should You Sleep Early?

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”, we have been hearing this since our childhood and wondering how sleeping early is linked with these things. Everyone made sure to mention this but no one bothered to tell the science behind.

When you go to bed early, have a good and sound sleep it highly affects your mood. Studies show that sleeping habits affect mood and reduce irritability since you end up spending a good day with lesser worries.

This helps you to stay in a calm state, your understanding of people and matters enhances that helps you to deal your everyday affairs effectively.

Irregular and late sleeping patterns mess with your concentration and focus. Studies show that people who meet crashes and car accidents are usually sleep deprived.

It increases the risk of weight gain by affecting metabolism. If you stay up late, you’ll end up eating more at night, the time when your metabolism is at the slowest rates. Late sleeping means you will wake up late, and eat late.

Consider watching this video to know more about why should you sleep at least 7 8 hours a day….

Well-maintained sleeping patterns give your immune system a boost. It helps your immune system built stronger and healthier. Stronger immune system means lesser chances of getting coughs and colds and a better strength to fight diseases.

Studies show that sleep quality is better in between 9:00pm-4:00am. You are more likely to wake up frequently at late night hours because of the internal biological clock that interferes. This time is essential for deeper sleep cycle.

A stronger and healthier cardiovascular system is linked with early sleeping schedules. It keeps you blood pressure in healthier limits that reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases by maintaining the wellness of heart. Hypertension affects the heart and increases risk of strokes and attacks.

As sleep is linked with mood regulation, it also helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. The more you stay awake, the more things you gather for yourself to worry about. Studies show that the people, who tend to sleep late or less, are more prone to overthinking, anxiety and depression.

You would’ve heard about beauty sleeps? This is not a difficult technique all you have to do is to make yourself sleep earlier. There are numerous researches that support and prove that this helps in decreasing skin problems and have amazing and long term effects on skin. That means you’ll feel more confident and comfortable with your skin.

During the deep sleep stage your blood sugar drops down, helping in a steady and maintained blood sugar. Not spending enough time in deep sleep stage will promote damage as the glucose volume is likely to remain raised and increases the risk of getting diabetes. Allow yourself to get enough deep sleep to prevent and lower risk of diabetes.

Deep sleep affects memory and thinking skills by improving the cognitive function of brain. When the researches were made on the students, it showed that many students, who had the habit of staying up late, partying or chatting, had reduced memory function and performed inferior to the ones having steady sleep patterns.

So, which one are you, a morning person or a night owl?
Share with us that how it affected your routine!

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