Why Should You Never Use Your Phone In Bed

Why Should You Never Use Your Phone In Bed:

Using a mobile phone is an addiction now a days, every generation either it’s children, teen, or old is fond of using phones at night as a last thing and in morning as a first thing, no one wants to miss any gossip, trend or urgent meeting’s emails, but have you ever think, getting attach to your phone like this can effect your body in more than one ways.

Nowadays, is a common practice to show poems and cartoons to make your child sleep, this is wrong! It stops development of brain, effects the sleep quantity and quality both, and due to radiations, they have greater chance of getting health issues.

Not only children, adolescents also have habit to chat, socialize and surf before going to bed

according to study using phone before bed can suppress melatonin a hormone which helps in signaling the brain that it’s time for sleep, it is helpful in sleep cycle.

 Within years, your body adapt the change of light warm red light of sunset which means that the body needs to sleep, while the bright blue light of the morning is a sign to wake the body up.

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 The blue light emitting from phones, laptops, tablets mimics like a daylight and suppresses the production of melatonin, reducing melatonin makes it harder to fall asleep, instead of melatonin your body starts to produce cortisol which is responsible for waking you up.

 This results in less sleep making everyone night owl. That means it takes us longer to fall asleep. And many years of delaying sleep can mess with our internal body clocks. Sleep is very important for every work, study and chores, if you aren’t getting a proper sleep your whole day is going to be less-focused, less-energize and lazy.

Many years of having sleep- deprived routine can lead to diseases like obesity, diabetes etc., because during the day neurotoxins are built-up which are supposed to get clean at night by having a good sleep.

If your circadian system is disturbing, you are going to have a life-time issues.

If you are a web surfer and it’s your habit to scroll every social apps before sleep or check your email you are triggering your brain to stay awake.

 Using technology before bed can trick your brain that it needs to stay awake and can make it hard to relax and settle into slumber.

 To make sure technology isn’t harming your slumber, get yourself at least 30mins without any gadget before going to bed, it can help you sleep faster.

Technology is to make your life ease, but using it before bed is getting you in trouble, it delays REM sleep(deeper level of sleep), leaving you staring at walls, you have university at the morning but you isn’t able to sleep, just because you have scrolled your phone, thinking of an upcoming project, replying to friends, making stories in your head of fantasies you just saw in social media, all of this increases anxiety, doubting your emotions and thinking leading to release the stress hormone cortisol, your body got into a fight-or-flight response and Cortisol is released in your adrenal gland to combat these invisible midnight stress.

Many of us have a habit of keeping a mobile phone just beside our pillow, not only it’s radiations are harmful but the beep of notification, late-nights messages or calls can disturb your sleep.

You should place you phone far from you while sleeping.

We all love socializing, but do it in a way that cant harm your health!

So, do you know anyone who is always using their phone?

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