Why Should You Avoid Beverages

Why Should You Avoid Beverages

Beverages is anything that we drink! And it is quite obvious that water is the healthiest beverage to take in. But why are we stopped from taking in beverages like soft drinks, juices, beer, alcohol, tea, coffee or milk. Why don’t they add a beneficial effect on our body? what are the reasons many doctors and health practitioners compel to cut them from our diets? Although, to us all of these beverages are one of the valuable and tasty pleasurable stuff to drink more than water.

Well, the earlier we realize and accept the reality about beverages, the better it is. Be it tea, coffee, fruit juices or milk (which we consider healthy ) consuming them in large  amounts is not good for the body. You all must be wondering why? Here are the reasons behind every beverage to avoid.

Talking about juices or flavoured milk, they are full of unwanted sugars. People who consume fruit juices as a whole meal know that it is totally unbalancing. They miss out all the essential fibres, proteins and fats. Flavoured milk and fruit juices burden your body with additional calories and put on unhealthy weight. If you are a real health conscious person you would not like to add it in your diet. Instead you can grab a glass of water with raw fruits.

To cut our thirst needs we often switch to carbonated drinks but knowing the bad out of it, definitely stops you from consuming it. According to a study Americans consume approx. 56 gallons of soda a year. These products are completely useless, full of unwanted sugar. Ever wonder what would happen if you take 5 teaspoon full of sugar in a go? Gross! Know that a single can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. It is harmful and make our body prone to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and, obesity of course.

Tea or coffee, conventional milk are also in the list of avoidable drinks. These product have the most catchy advertisements claiming its nutritional value but they are not actually what they claim. Consuming moderate amount of coffee or tea causes dehydration and dryness to the skin. They also contains sugar and caffeine which produce insomnia, frequent urination and cardiovascular disease. You can switch to black coffee or tea if you can’t quit drinking it.

While conventional milk has been found to have estrogen from harmonized cows that can develop various cancers in both men and women. Moving to alcohol which is widely consumed throughout the world. 2 billion people around the globe drink alcohol and are affected badly specially those who are addict. Raw milk is a better option. Alcohol has been associated with causing long term mind and body effects. It causes severe liver damage and toxicities.

Energy drinks and vitamin water may boost the body for a while but they are highly associated with later serious effects on heart, liver and brain.

Among all the cons of beverages the most unwanted is bad breath. Drinking these liquid products regularly develop plaque on the teeth, they become yellow and lead to gum and cavities diseases.

Thus, if you want your teeth to be whitened, your body in perfect posture and your organs to function normally you have to quit taking excessive amount to these unhealthy products that claims nutritional benefits, pleasurable experience and earn million dollars a year. Hence proved water is the best beverage among all, happy drinking!

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