Why is yoga better than exercise?

Yoga is better than exercise

If you have inner peace, you have everything. Yoga helps achieve inner peace from day one.

The body goes through stress each day, every hour. A small amount of your time should be dedicated to meditation or yoga.

Yoga helps in the spiritual healing of your body. It serves as a connecting medium between your soul, body, and nature, giving you the relaxation one craves.

A person who has a sleeping disorder can benefit from yoga, simple positions will help you have a sound sleep. While exercising will put your body furthermore in stress.

Exercising is good for building up muscles or for losing weight. Yoga, however, focuses entirely on the growth of your body, along with your soul.

Yoga helps in relieving the pain in your muscles and between your joints, giving back your flexibility and youthful days.

When you are angry or in rage, exercising will exert the pressure out of your body, putting you in stress. Yoga, however, helps you cope up with the reality of the world; it helps you to learn acceptance and patience, always peace over rage.

Consider Watch this video to learn about the benefits of meditations.

If you want to improve your lifestyle, make yoga a part of your routine. Yoga helps improve your digestive system, your bowl movement. It helps get rid of severe headaches and backaches. It helps a person suffering from high or low blood pressure and people with depression. Yoga prime focus is restoring the energy in your body, leaving you with a feeling of a refresh and revitalize self. It improves your blood circulation along with purification and detoxification. Enriching your body with surplus oxygen.

Exercise’s primary focus is to burn calories and build up muscles. It makes you tired at the end, whereas yoga energizes you to perform well in your upcoming tasks. Yoga makes your body flexible; the more you practice, the more elastic is your body. Exercise, on the other hand, makes your muscles stiff. 

When a person exercises, the risk of muscle injury is involved. People can go in cardiac arrest, i.e., heart attack, in putting too much pressure on the body. In contrast, yoga is a safer choice because it focuses on the alignment of the body, with no risks involved, the only risk involved is restoring your youth.

People who are hesitant, or get palpitations-heavy, irregular breathing, yoga helps to overcome that. It gives you self-confidence, making you believe in yourself.

Exercise may give you confidence, but it needs to be maintained. Once you stop exercising, you lose all that you have gained- muscles and gain all that you have lost- weight. Yoga, on the other hand, roots deep into your soul. It becomes a part of your personality, even if you take a break from yoga, you continue to remain on the same level, it stays by you forever.

Yoga has no limitations, any age can perform yoga, any physically challenged person may follow the path of yoga. It is safe having no risks involved, only benefits. Whereas exercise has its limitations. A person doing it regularly is fit enough to continue it in his 80s. In contrast, an elderly starting from scratch will only harm himself.

People who lack the resources can not exercise, but with yoga, the only resource is your body and mind.

If you want to work on your body, choose exercise. But if you’re going to work on our body entirely, your personality, your well being, and mental health, choose yoga.

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