Why Do Most People Complain About Back Pain Nowadays?


Back pain is the most common problem nowadays. It is a prominent cause of disability in people below the age of 45, and there are several reasons for it.

Back pain acts as a source preventing people from work and engaging in routine activities all over the world. In the west, one-half of the people admit that they face back pain symptoms each year, disrupting their lives.

Back pain causes many missed tasks, and it is estimated through research that 80% of the population will face back pain at some point in their lives.

Back pain not only targets older adults but can affect anyone from adolescents to the aged. Doctors admit back pain is the third most common reason for checkups regularly.

Mostly back pain is mechanical, not caused by arthritis, infections, cancer, or any fractures. Recovery is possible for people with lower back pain, but it can trigger commonly, but it might become persistent and damaging for some.

Our back is a complicated structure with spinal joints, muscles, nerves, and discs that fit together to move, but back pain arises when something is off in this structure.

It can be due to herniated or slipped discs, which means the tissues in the discs which lie between joints have slipped. It presses the nerves and causes lower back or hip pain. It can also occur due to a bulging disc, which pushes on a nerve root.

When the discs between your spine’s vertebrae tear or shrink, it causes bones rubbing and results in degenerative disc disease.

Spinal stenosis is also a reason for back pain in which the spinal canal gets diminished, adding pressure to your spine and nerves and resulting in numb legs and shoulders.

Arthritis, a degenerative disease, causes weak joints and ligaments, keeping the spine aligned and causing the disk to slip and move over vertebrae.

Accidents and injuries are also a reason for back pain which causes spine or vertebral fractures, sprain and strain muscles and tendons, and muscle spasms due to weight lifting or heavy sports.

When you lift something and twist, it can injure the tendons, muscles, ligaments, the spine’s support systems and cause severe back pain.

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You can also face back pain due to slouching at your desk too much, excessive lifting of heavy objects, obesity, no physical movements like exercise, smoking, and wearing high heels in your daily routine.

Stress can cause tension in your muscles, and if you suffer from depression and anxiety, it can worsen your pain and play a significant role in your back pain.

You can also get tumors in your back caused by cancer that originated in a different body part. Kidney stones and infections can also be the cause of back pain.

Your treatment depends on the cause and the intensity of your pain. Back pain should never be ignored as it can lead to many severe problems and take away the pleasures of life. Consult your doctor immediately if you’re feeling the symptoms of back pain.

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