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Who owns your identity and how would the world perceive if I happen to take a certain decision that may change my life? That’s what we are entangled in every now and then. Every time we dare to take some big decision of our life, we tend to proceed as we are constantly worried about the words that the world would utter. Having constantly been in a state of when a person’s decisions are influenced by ‘others’, the person in charge will never be able to grow. He would remain dependent on others opinions and suggestions. He would lose all his powers to think independently and would eventually become engaged by the people’s remarks and pieces of advice. Thus thinking independently and relying on your own decisions make a person prosper in his life.

Who owns your identity ? That’s the very first question that must come in person’s mind when he wants to have charge of his life. Everyone wants to be the owner of his life; everyone wants to do something substantial in his life. But the mere thoughts wandering into one’s brain of what world would bring in, the idea of doing something phenomenal is ruined. And this becomes the weakest point of one’s inability to prosper, grow and think ahead. While the world would say whatever it would want to, the person’s capability to ignore it and moving ahead is another thing. Following are some of the important things that need to be followed so as to avoid people’s remarks:

Don’t get personal:

People often get too much involved with the people on the personal basis and make their lives miserable. Don’t allow people to get personal. Don’t let people judge you. And even if people happen to judge you and give remarks on the basis of your looks, wealth and health, ignore them and move ahead. On the other hand, don’t get into others personal issues as it would make you deviate you from personal goals and you would end up wasting your precious time.

Take Criticism positively:

Usually, Criticism is taken as a negative word and people are often afraid of someone criticizing them in front of others. Most of the time, it is usually noticed that criticism is being done in the corporate sector where the employees have to bear the harsh remarks of their bosses. This very ‘culture’ of criticism teaches them and makes them wonder that the world would not miss even a single chance to treat them poorly. To handle the criticism, one needs to have positive intent. One must have the courage to take whatever criticism positively and learn from it and try to improve if possible.

Own your life:

Whatever you do in your life and if you want to do it ‘big’, make sure that it does not affect anyone else except you. Sometimes, people while taking a big decision do not take into consideration the impact that would have on others, for example, their families, children, and parents. For surely, this needs to be taken into consideration as it is only you who should get the benefit and no one else. You are the master of your life and you have the right to your life and no one else. Make sure it goes only according to your desires and no one else’s as if it would only worsen the events for you. Thus, it is you who is the charge of your happiness and no one else.

Make your own identity:

Sometimes what people do is they copy the style of others i.e. celebrities, sportsman, footballers etc. and make themselves “followers” of others. They do not realize by working hard and diligently they can make their own identity and make it to the top of the world. Yes, for sure, it is one of the difficult tasks to be on top of everyone but it is not impossible. You can achieve it as well provided if you can manage it so intelligently that you keep on improving day by day. But, the issue is people do not want to get themselves out of their comfort zones and want to things which are easy and can be easily managed. They want big houses and cars and money but they do not want to leave the comforts of their lives and earn whatever they desire to. This urge needs to be so intense that every time you go, the focus should be on your goal only and nothing else.

Leave out your comfort zones:

This is probably the most difficult things to have control over it but once it is done, the tasks seem quite easy and manageable. One should do things that are difficult to do not the ones that are easy to do. Don’t go after easy things and the ones that everyone can do. Go for things that people don’t even think of doing and that’s where the difference lies. Make yourself different from others.  Remember! Life is a gift and you only live once and you will not get other chance. You only have one shot and if you miss the target there would be no other chance left. Thus, leave out your comfort zones and bring in the change that everyone desires to.


Reasonably, after reading the above reasons, you must have got the answer ‘who owns your identity’. Make sure that your answer is, ‘yes it is me who owns my identity and no one else. And no one has the right to snatch your identity and rule over it. Be the one who has the urge and desire to change the world but not the one who only stays at home like a ‘couch potato’. Don’t let laziness ruin your life, for the people who have been successful are the ones who have given up everything. It is because of those people that we are living in a comfortable and a much better life altogether.

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