Which Type Of Cardio Is The Best?


Cardio exercises are those activities that increase your breathing and heart rate. These exercises keep you in good shape by helping your lungs and heart to function better.

Common types of cardio exercises include walking, swimming, cycling, and running. Each kind of exercise has its benefits, such as stress reduction, improved health, and weight loss.

Let’s go through the best types of cardio exercises:

Running is a popular form of cardio workout. Some people use a treadmill inside a gym or home, while others prefer to jog and run in the open air. Most runners start this activity for fitness and weight loss. Others enjoy jogging and feeling the fresh air. If you are starting to run, you can start with brisk walking or jogging to prevent overexertion. Make sure to stretch your muscles before running to avoid muscle strains. Running even for 5 minutes per day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

If running causes too much exertion, you can choose walking, the most accessible cardio exercise, since you do it several times a day. A person with a job that requires too much sitting can walk for 5 minutes after every hour or so to maintain fitness levels. Walking and running have similar benefits, such as helping to maintain a healthy weight, boosting the immune system, and reducing the risk of diseases.

Cycling is another form of a great and fun cardio exercise. Without putting a lot of stress on your joints, you can do cycling to build muscle and pump your heart. If your workplace is nearby, you can use a cycle to reach This will save your money on fuel. You can even rent a cycle if you are planning to use it occasionally.

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Swimming is an enjoyable activity whether you do it in a swimming pool or near a beach. It is easier for people to exercise longer on the water than on land. Swimming has multiple health benefits. It assists in alleviating stress, builds strength, and tones the muscles in the whole body.

Although jumping rope is popular amongst kids, it is a great cardio exercise to keep yourself in good shape. With comfortable shoes, ample space, a jump rope, and a little bit of practice, you can start this workout. Jumping rope reduces stress, increases your agility, and improves your coordination.

Next on our list comes HIIT, which is short for high-intensity interval training. This kind of workout is made up of long or short intense exercises. Usually, each exercise, on average, lasts for 1 minute or so. In between the exercises, you take short breaks to rest. Common HIIT exercises include reverse crunches, squat jumps, star jumps, and burpees. HIIT exercises can help you to lower your blood pressure, strengthen your muscles, and quickly burn calories.

Which cardio exercise is your favorite? How do you make time every day for exercise? Comment down your answers.

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