What Is The Power Of The Subconscious Mind?

Power Of The Subconscious Mind

To unveil the power of our subconscious minds first, we need to know what the subconscious mind is. Does it exist, and is it real? Does it have powers?

Well, we all grew up hearing that we use small portions of our brains and that all the memories and stuff go into the subconscious memory and stays it there till the end of our lives. The subconscious mind has an unlimited capacity, and it is believed that everything that has ever happened to you, it automatically stores it.

The subconscious mind also called the nonconscious mind. The easiest way to explain this is when you first learn anything, you struggle to remember the steps, but once you’ve mastered it, you don’t need to remember the steps as you don’t feel the need. Here is where your subconscious mind comes in charge; the subconscious mind controls all the autonomic actions. It is also called as a homeostatic impulse, that regulates all the necessary functions to keep your body physically fit, e.g., maintaining your body temperature, holding your breath patterns regular, etc.

There is a road that leads your subconscious mind to the conscious one. If the conscious mind had to process and review everything on the spot, it wouldn’t be able to do this. So, your subconscious mind performs all the necessary calculations and passes on the relevant information that you need for that specific time to the conscious one.

This part of your brain is exceptionally efficient that it finds the relevant information from its vast storage in micro and Nanoseconds.

There is this unique feature of your subconscious mind that will enable you to communicate through it. The superficial events and emotions are only a concern of memory, while the genuine and deep ones are the way of communication. Only the real things can travel in the back of your mind. Both negative and positive emotions have a significant impact.

You might have heard about a lot of self-motivational sites that encourage you to talk to yourself when you are alone. Whatever you tell yourself, standing in front of the mirror looking at yourself, impart an effect on your subconscious mind. Whatever you say, either negative or positive, it creates the same energy around you, which travels at that particular part of your brain. It writes what you say, and then it keeps sending it to your conscious mind again and again. That is why always refrain from the negative and fearful self-talk; it will keep you from achieving your goals and will become a hurdle in your way of success.

One should keep in mind that the emotional involvement if words matter if you say something without the emotions involved that wouldn’t create a problem. The emotion-filled words are stored there in the same way.

At times, we feel hard to try new things and to change habits because the subconscious minds create resistance to go against the things that you are skilled at.

The most successful people have been skilled in communicating with their subconscious minds.

Many of the studies show that the guardian angel we often hear about is your subconscious mind, the intuition that guides you through.

So, have you ever felt that something is guiding you, and leading you towards your goals? Or the negative vibes that keep popping up in your mind? Share with us the ways you have tried to counter the negative thoughts!

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