What Is Sinus?

What Is Sinus

Have you come across the word ‘Sinus’ too many times but have no clue about it? We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at sinus, its causes, symptoms, types and treatment:


When your nasal cavity gets blocked by a fluid and becomes infected, swollen and inflamed, then sinus infection betides. Germs, bacteria, viruses affect healthy sinuses and cause an infection.


Common flu, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, smoking and tooth infections contribute to sinus blockage. It also becomes common among people if they have weak immune systems or medicines weakening their immune systems. Children, however, get affected by the smoke in the air, catching a virus from other children at schools or play areas and pacifiers.


Sinus infection has two types; Acute sinus and Chronic sinus.

A type of sinusitis that lasts for only a short period of two to four weeks is called Acute Sinus. It is commonly caused by respiratory diseases or cold. Another type called subacute sinus stays for more than four weeks but not more than twelve weeks. Chronic sinus lasts for longer than twelve weeks and has a tendency to recur.


Sinus a body part, behind your nose, above and below your eyes starts to swell and inflame when you have a sinusitis infection. This causes you facial pain and pain in the sinus.

Congestion, nasal discharge, runny nose, loss of smell, cough, dental pain all are symptoms of sinusitis. Fever, bad breath, loss of appetite may also appear as symptoms of acute sinus. Acute sinusitis can be diagnosed with these symptoms or thick, yellow or green nasal discharge.

Symptoms of chronic sinusitis are:

Pus in your nasal cavity, blockage and congestion, colourless nasal drainage, headaches, tooth pain and a constant feeling of tiredness. You might also feel pain in your jaws, sides of your nose and forehead.

Children easily get affected by diseases, nose and ear infections being common. Continuous vomits, fever, a constant complaint about headaches, bad breath and a coloured discharge from their nose means your child is infected with a sinusitis infection.


For a sinus infection that isn’t extremely serious, doctors prescribe saline nasal washes and drugs that relieve congestion. But it is said not to consume it for more than three days as it will make your congestion worse.

If the symptoms are worse, antibiotics are probably prescribed for two weeks, and proper treatment will make your symptoms vanish.

You can take warm water in a bowl and take steam from it, which will open the blockage in your nasal cavity. Vaporisers and warm air will help in the treatment.

Stay safe from the person who has sinusitis infection so they don’t pass on their virus to you. Taking proper rest and sleeping at time will help your immune system work properly and fight against the infection. Using a humidifier at night will help you sleep better and prevent your nasal cavity from drying out.

Did you ever get affected by the sinus infection? If yes, how quickly did you recover? Share your answers with us in the comments below.

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