What Is Migraine Hangover?

What Is Migraine Hangover?

Migraine is a violent brain disorder with severe, pulsating head pain. While migraine hangover is one of the four phases of the migraine. These four phases are Prodrome, Aura, Headache, and lastly, migraine hangover.

It usually begins after the headache phase, when the pain of migraine attack abates.

A thousand of people around the globe who suffers migraine knows that the pain still stays there 80% of the time after the headache go away; this is migraine hangover which is also known as postdrome. It is a phase that makes you feel fatigued, tired, and weak, your neck stiffs and whole body aches; you feel dizzy, cannot concentrate easily on minor details or things, and become more of a darkness loving person being sensitive to light and, of course, your mood swings a lot!

While some people are unable to distinguish this shift from headache to postdrome. It can be identified as the pain shifts to areas where it hasn’t affected before, including shoulder and neck stiffness, dizziness, along with tenderness in the head.

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It is essential to know that postdrome or migraine hangover is not a different medical condition but a part of migraine that also not necessarily occur after every attack.

The good thing is, it is just a phase, a final stage that can go away with a span of 2 to 3 days, during this time you can manage these symptoms and make you feel better a little more than usual.

One of the primary ways to reduce it is by maintaining good headache hygiene. Migraines are triggered even by small changes in routine. Good headache hygiene involves focusing and changing lifestyle routines to a better one by understanding how little changes affect migraine and its phases.

Among everything, maintaining proper sleep is crucial. Having a sound sleep gives the body and the brain a fresh start. It helps to keep the body calm and more focused.

 Yoga and meditation is another option to keep the mind relaxed and ultimately reduces the frequency and severity of migraine hangover symptoms.

Next is the food we eat! We often feel irritated and barely a mood to eat; in this way, we usually skip meals and stay dehydrated. These are the two biggest mistakes we do. Eating regular, healthy snacks, especially a good breakfast helps to cope up the whole day. Taking a complete diet gives the body the essential nutrients and energy to fight back.

Similarly, water plays a therapeutic role, especially when the hangover begins to post alcohol assumption. It keeps your body hydrated and lessens the severity associated with hangover headaches.

Another way is to try to keep your body out of stress. Stressing over unnecessary things makes the brain more depressed and promotes the pain to an uncontrollable level. Avoid it by relaxing yourself, taking deep breathes, listening to soft music, or ASMR works here too.

Keep a check on your medications, as well. Take them on time and follow until the doctor says.

It is essential to maintain the symptoms and avoid the triggers before the condition worsens, and it turns out to be a severe, disabling attack.

However, one should not hesitate to ask a help while suffering from migraine and its postdrome phase. Share your responsibilities at home and ask for favors from your co-workers. Don’t burden yourself or stress over things, but let your loved one knows. It might take a few days to recover, but until then, sit back and relax as much as you can!

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