What Is Emotional Abuse and How to Spot It


Psychological abuse (also referred to as psychological violence, emotional abuse or mental abuse) is a form of abuse characterized by a person, subjecting or exposing, another person to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Doctor ASKY / Emotional Abuse

Today there is a very minor amount of blooming relationships in comparison to toxic ones. There is a reason that children don’t want to go to school. Girls fear going out shopping in order to avoid the monsters outside.

Emotional abuse can be caused in many ways; intimidation, public humiliation, bullying, mental torture, social boycott, disrespect, criticizing, threats of violence, lying etc.

Here are some ways that emotional abuse could be spotted:

1) Denying abuse or blaming the one responsible:

Doctor ASKY / Emotional Abuse

The victim usually likes to avoid the topic whenever it is brought up and denies blaming the one at whose expense he is in such a vulnerable state. Mostly it is because they are intimidated by the person who tortures them. They are afraid of physical abuse if they disclose the secret to anyone else. This leads them to overthink about it and make the situation worse for themselves.

2) Wearing down of self-esteem:

Doctor ASKY / Emotional Abuse

Constant nagging regarding your character and you being useless in every sense of the meaning leads a man to really believe that he is worthless. They start self-deprecating and losing a sense of self-worth. They become overly self-conscious in all the wrong ways. This is such a way that the abuser manipulates the thoughts of the victim and leads him to believe that he is the most useless person on the face of the planet.

3) Isolating oneself:

Doctor ASKY / Emotional Abuse

There comes a time when the victim starts doubting its personality and worthlessness which leads them to avoid company for fear of judgment. They turn down party invitations because they are afraid of not finding the perfect dress (sometimes leads to anorexia) and any other occasion for that matter where they have to be confronted by people.

4) Health problems:

Doctor ASKY / Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can cause depression, anxiety, stomach ulcers, heart palpitations, eating disorders and insomnia.

5) Becoming internally critical:

Doctor ASKY / Emotional Abuse

The victim comes to believe at a stage that whatever the humiliation says is true and they are the ones at fault. They are unable to move on from the abusive relationship. They are trapped because they believe they can never be good enough for anyone and that everyone is better off without them.

6) Silence:

Doctor ASKY / Emotional Abuse

Victims become silent in most cases because they are afraid that their opinion is not going to be valued whereas that is not the case wherever they go. They start living within themselves and get upset at the slightest things and irritated at even slighter disturbances. It can really be disturbing for the people around and create a heavy atmosphere around the place. If you doubt that you or someone around you is being emotionally abused then desert yourself from the relationship and consult a therapist. Stay in a pleasant mood by engaging in activities that make you happy!

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