What is Climate Change?


Are you participating in climate change? Well, that an interesting discussion, but before that, you should have a concept of what is climate change? That current weather of a place that is prevailing over a long period is known as climate. The measures for climate are temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, atmosphere, precipitation, and rain frequency of a particular region. If, due to any reason these metrological factors are shifted above or below their normal ranges, this would result in climate change.

Due to this, a significant weather pattern prolongs for long-term shifts at a larger scale. Vast effects of climate change include day by day increase in temperature, melting of glaciers, raised sea level, and early flowering of plants. Here are some facts answering what is climate change?

1) 800 million people are vulnerable to this phenonmenon

2) 11% emission of greenhouse gases is from deforestation caused by human activities

3) 2016 was the warmest year recorded till yet

4) There is 90-95% certainty that human activity is behind global warming

5) Sea level is raised by 6.7 inches by the past century

6) Global warming has the most disastrous effect on the ocean (93.4%)

7) Emission of carbon dioxide is increased by 50% since 1990

Our planet is getting warmer day by day. There is a huge debate on whether humans are the Reason behind this phenomenon or natural disasters are. Greenhouse gases that ultimately results in global warming are the major cause of changes in climate.

These gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide trap the heat, thus, raising the temperature of the planet. Fossil fuels, pollution, overpopulation, and insensitive attitude are leading reasons. From 1880 to 2012, global temperature is raised by 0.8 degrees. The 5 degrees rise in temperature of the earth took 50,000 years but, it is said this rate will be increased by 20 times in the next century.

Africa and Mexico are most affected by climate change. Now Pakistan is also ranked in 7th position related to climate change. People are more concerned about climate change, and now we see voices from every corner, debates, and strikes for the awareness of climate conservation. Along with that, Hiroshima and Nagasaki have contributed a lot towards global warming.

Climate change has affected our environment, oceans, coastal sites, food and agriculture resources, and biodiversity. this is dangerous for water resources and the health status of humans. Coastal cities of India (2% of the total population), Vietnam (36% of the total population), China (6% of the total population) will be under several feet of water due to raised sea levels.

The consequences of climate change are severe droughts, storms, malnutrition, deforestation, heat waves, rainstorms, and heavy floods. Diseases like asthma, cholera, tuberculosis, malaria, malnutrition, and respiratory disorders are prevailing as a result of it.

We have returned to our discussion of what is climate change? from where we took a start, are you contributing towards it? The answer is yes if you are using any fuel energy source driven from fossil fuel combustion. Similarly, if you are contributing towards the economy of an industry which is emitting hazardous gases in the surrounding atmosphere and harmful chemical in sewerage, then you are toxic to climate as well.


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