What If Dinosaurs Hadn’t Gone Extinct?

What If Dinosaurs Hadn't Gone Extinct?

Long ago, about 160 million years ago, the world was ruled by dinosaurs, the mighty, giant creatures. Their rule came to an end as a giant asteroid hit the earth, piercing through the solar system and destroyed everything in its way.

The adverse effects of nature; wildfires, tsunamis, dust, and debris killed almost all the species, including the dinosaurs. The only species of dinosaurs that survived were birds. They are the only living dinosaurs in today’s world.

But have you considered the possibility of dinosaurs and humans co-existing? Have you ever imagined what the world would be like if dinosaurs hadn’t died out? What if the asteroid had missed earth? Well, if you have, then here are the answers to your questions.

Dinosaurs were the largest and most dominating creatures of their time. They would not have been able to bear the ice age. Still, if somehow, against all the odds they had survived, the predators would have stolen off the throne of ‘the most dominant species on earth’ from humans. Thinking of humans as food, they would have eaten and killed off every human coming in their way.

Life forms on earth would be completely different. During these millions of years, dinosaurs would have continued to evolve. They would be different than anything we know from the fossil record. They would have also influenced the mammalian evolution. Many of the big mammals, such as elephants that we know of today, might not have gotten the opportunity to evolve. Only small mammals like rodents would be surviving today.

As stated by scientists, the smartest dinosaur to ever walk on earth is the ‘Troodon.’ If given the opportunity to evolve, it could have been as sharp as a human being. Meaning dinosaurs would be thriving side by side with the humans.

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If not for their extinction, the evolutionary story of our ancestors would have been irreparable. We would have to find protected spaces and come up with survival strategies just like our ancestors.

We would have to compete with dinosaurs to be able to get food. They would be our enemies. Food sources would have been scarce. We would not have been as intelligent as we are today, due to food deprivation and limited food sources.

The population on earth would be cut down to half, including all humans, animals, and plants. They would all have become the food of dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur diseases would have come into existence, which may have been minor or significant. There would have been complete chaos and imbalance in the whole environment.

There is also an assumption that not all dinosaurs would have been dangerous. Humans might even have tamed some of them. These dinosaurs would have been friends with them. Dominated by humans, they would have learned to respect and obey our commands. They could have become our modern-day helpers and would have helped in completing daily tasks. Maybe dinosaurs would have earned the title of a man’s best friend.

The ever-growing human population and technological advancements would have ultimately led to dinosaurs going extinct or them becoming test subjects. Anything could have been possible. For now, we have the best in this world. But if dinosaurs were living among us, the world would have been much more limited.

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