What happens when you stop drinking carbonated drinks?

stop drinking carbonated drinks

We all love carbonated drinks but do we understand the cons of drinking these high caloric sugary drinks. Carbonated drinks serve as a perfect combination with pizza, burgers, a plate of spaghetti, and whatnot. You attract carbonated drinks easily in comparison to water. A study reveals that 43% of the younger generation in the US consumes one beverage daily while 30% of the people in the US consume a soda drink or lemonade daily. Having carbonated drinks daily can lead to excess consumption of sugars which can cause obesity and excess weight gain.

Once you stop drinking carbonated drinks, you’ll feel the following changes in your body:

You start feeling more hydrated because if you consume carbonated drinks when thirsty then you are harming your body. Soda has caffeine which acts as a diuretic. Drinking soda dehydrates your body while stressing the kidneys to find more water.

According to AHA, a 12-ounce of carbonated drink has 39 grams of sugar and 140 calories whereas the daily intake recommended by AHA is around 36 grams of sugar. Excessive calories and sugar intake in the form of carbonated drinks can result in weight gain, metabolic issues, high blood pressure. By reducing the intake of carbonated drinks, you’ll start losing weight and have a normal weight.

Your teeth will feel healthier as the acids and sugary content in the carbonated drinks wear away the topmost layer of the tooth i.e. enamel. The carbonated drinks have a pH of around 2.5 which is acidic leading to wearing off of the enamel leading to tooth decay and ultimately loss of the tooth. Stopping the intake of carbonated drinks can prevent your teeth and enamel against decay. 

The consumption of carbonated drinks increases your chance to suffer from heart diseases, so if you reduce the intake of carbonated drinks you are less likely to suffer from heart diseases. A study reveals that people who consume carbonated drinks are at higher risk of suffering from coronary heart diseases.

Once you stop the intake of carbonated drinks, you are at low risk of suffering from diabetes. The greatest risk factor leading to diabetes is the consumption of added sugars. Soda drinks have sucrose and fructose in high content which can result in a stressful situation over the pancreas leading to insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes. The increased intake of carbonated drinks can lead to type 2 diabetes which is why stopping the intake of sugary drinks can prevent you against diabetes.

Stopping the intake of carbonated drinks makes your taste buds return to normal and allows you to enjoy the flavorful food. Soft drinks have excess sugar which alters the sweet receptors located in the brain that leads to an excessive craving for sugar. 

Reducing the intake of carbonated drinks has a positive impact on your immune system. The artificial sweeteners dissolved in carbonated drinks are unhealthy for the gut bacteria, they affect the blood sugar levels, result in stomach disorders due to the acidic nature of the drinks.

Carbonated drinks serve as the diuretic which causes stress over your kidneys and you need to pee frequently. The carbonated drinks result in irritation to the bladder which can result in bladder infections along with severe UTI infections. 

Carbonated drinks have excess caffeine so it’s better to drink it in moderation and avoid drinking it frequently. The soft drinks can make you drowsier and fatigue in the long-term as they have excess caffeine. Soft drinks can also result in osteoporosis which is why avoid it is better to avoid the consumption of carbonated drinks. Stay healthy and lively with stronger bones and live a long life.

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