What Happens When You Cut Out Sugar From Your Diet?

What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar

Your body’s reaction to sugar consumption is similar to that of an opioid, which explains why it’s challenging to go on a sugar detox. The problem doesn’t lie with sugar consumption but instead going overboard with it, especially by consuming too many refined sugars.

People have tried to prioritize their health over their cravings by cutting out sugar entirely from their diet. While it has certainly had its benefits, there a few things you can expect to follow after cutting out sugar from your diet, such as:

  1. Weight loss – Whether or not your reason for cutting out sugar from your diet was to aid weight loss a few weeks in, and you’ll feel lighter. The calories from processed sugars often act as empty calories. Therefore, by letting go of these calories, either by consuming natural sugars or whole foods, you feel the extra weight melting right off.         
  2. Spike in energy levels: The energy levels are not expected to increase right when you decide to cut out sugar. It may even take up to a few weeks for your energy level to stabilize. However, once your body gets used to a sugar-free way of life, it learns to release energy for more extended and productive periods.
  3. A better sleeping experience – Multiple scientific research studies and studies have found that increased sugar consumption leads to more disturbed and interrupted sleep throughout the night. Essentially, sugar shortens the period of rest known as slow-wave sleep, which is crucial for your body’s overall well-being and efficient functioning.

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  1. Healthier and younger skin – Meals rich in refined sugars can lead to a higher blood glucose level, impacting various aspects of your skin. For instance, inflammation and acne are commonly caused by overconsumption of sugar. It even damages the elasticity and collagen in the skin, dramatically speeding up the aging process. Cutting out sugar from your diet will be guaranteed to make you feel and look younger.
  2. Reduced risk of diabetes: Diabetes is growingly becoming the leading cause of death worldwide. The medical condition further leads to other complications, such as causing severe damage to vital organs. Overconsumption of sugar is a direct cause of diabetes. Therefore, by deciding to quit sugar, you dramatically reduce the chances of getting diabetes.
  3. Regulation of appetite: Sugar consumption increases the blood glucose level and risks of obesity. Both of these factors cause unnecessary and frequent hunger. Once you decide to cut out sugar, your appetite improves significantly. The regulation of appetite is linked to the release of the hormone Leptin, aided by improved blood glucose levels.   

A sugar-free lifestyle is becoming increasingly common due to multiple health benefits. Deciding to cut off sugar from your diet is a significant lifestyle change. However, it’s a decision that is guaranteed to improve the quality of your life dramatically. All this change requires from you is dedication and a positive effort to get through the initial slump. 

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